Tony Kart Weight Bias / Understeer

When you say binding, you mean the kart is flat and slow off the apex?

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That’s correct, seems to turn in well/good initial lift but coming off the apex i have other karts either on my rear bumper or pulling up along side me on under accelleration. Im not getting any hopping mid corner though like you would normally see on a bound up kart.

Any suggestions TJ?

It sounds like the kart is reacting and flexing too quickly, but just slightly because it isn’t hopping or sliding out.

Do you have any caster in? If so, I would take out 3 degrees from wherever you’re at. That’ll help slow the lift action down and keep the kart from binding on exit. Less caster = better roll off the corner, assuming you can get the inside rear unloaded properly on entry.

Other things you could do would be narrow the front a small spacer, widen the rear track 5 mm each side, or try and slow your hands down a bit on entry to keep the rear more in check. I would only do one of these at a time though because it sounds like the balance is close.