Tuning question: verbalizing tuning needs

Just ran another 130 laps to see what this puppy can do…

This tunes rocks. I started to run even faster.

The new s2 has stuck. My ultimate lap is likely to be 10.1x. But I found yet more speed in S3! I landed 15.60x several times. Finally, I landed a 15.590.

Optimal now .44 ish. And, I beat the guy I have been racing, dirty, alas. 35.705.

It’s a bit freaky how well I am driving today, as compared to yesterday, as compared to the day before. I am drinking from a firehose, here, and it feels great.

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Exciting. Way to go man.

Me verbalizing my tuning needs
“A miracle”

Haha! I feel that way too often.

Since a few days have passed I can report that the problematic sectors that were initially slower with the setup change are now faster than before.

Not sure if that’s tune or me, but end result is the same.

Adding width to the back end is the other major change available.

Simply increasing hub width on back by 10mm causes the kart to feel too “pointed” and stuck to track.

I guess we’ll let the back end be free.