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(TJ Koyen) #21

Yes, KA on MG Reds vs. X30 on MG Yellows have very similar braking points.

Threshold braking = braking at the very limit, just before locking up, so you’re getting maximum stopping traction. The tires should just chirp slightly.

Trail braking = carrying braking application into the turn-in point of the corner, sometimes up until apex.

So you’re seeing me do both. I brake hard and get the kart slowed down quickly, but I’m braking at the maximum latest point so I’m carrying a little brake to the apex usually. This means there is minimal coasting, and I’m almost instantly back to the throttle as soon a I come off the brake. Some drivers don’t trail brake as much, and they get the kart slowed down a little sooner and are able to get on the gas a little sooner. I’ve found that because of my height, trail braking helps me load the kart onto it’s nose a bit better, and transfers the weight better since I don’t have a high center of gravity. A taller driver might not be able to get away with trail braking because they’ll overload the kart with their higher center of gravity.

(Noah Koenig) #22

Did you ever have to worry about too much grip for the mg reds? Being that the tires have less grip, should I run more caster in the kart?

(TJ Koyen) #23

The Reds aren’t that hard, they still can bind the kart up.

And not necessarily. You should run whatever amount of caster makes the kart work properly. I always tell people, you can’t tune the kart at home.

(Noah Koenig) #24

Thanks for the advice! Are you racing this year? Otk baseline is neutral all the way around correct? Seat at 62,62.5, and level with bottom of the frame? Bar flat, N short or N long?

(Noah Koenig) #25

Video from Sunday"s final- Hot and Grippy unlike the rest of the weekend.
H axle 54 and 3 quarter and neutral-tillett t11 vg
We through a hail marry at the kart
Took a seat strut off brake side
Widened rear end to 55
Add a little positive camber and Caster-1 click on bottom

Any race craft, diving or setup critique is appreciated !!!
Part 1

Part 2