What are some things new racers need to know but aren't usually told

I don’t disagree with you in principle but all too often I hear someone was DQ’d by surprise because of a rule they new nothing about and then are mad at the organization.

I think a lot of volunteers forget one of their biggest assets as an organized group, the rulebook for sanctioning body of the track. It answers most tech or procedure type questions. Before replying to the same “Where do I mount my transponder question?” 40k times, have all racers that are competing read the rulebook.

If said participant doesn’t have the time to read the rulebook and understand, give them a few options.
A - Support a local reputable shop that is versed in the procedures of a race event. By support, I mean pay them to do the things you won’t
B - Maybe you’re not the racing type and you just want to do open laps, but are not aware of that option.

I see many questions in many groups that are answered in said rulebook.