What Class to try next?

Not sure where you are located but I have checked in with some of the groups responsible for racing here in the NW and it seems KA will be around as they don’t want to push people out of the class.

As someone ready to buy a 100, this definitely has me weary though

I’m from Indianapolis/Midwest, so it’s all IAME out here. Some smaller clubs allow the VLR with KA classes, but not all. Every series that comes through the area is KA only, except WKA. USAC is open 100cc and even allows Yamaha pipe but nobody entered with a Yamaha this year if I remember correctly.

Leopard can run in TAG -7lbs to X30 so effectively uncompetitive. State Series – no F125 class as far as I know. Only Tag Jr, Sr, and Masters but I believe the Rok can’t compete in these classes. I ran a Leopard in Tag Sr at E-town. I was way off the pace but not sure it was the engine. I had lots of issues that day.

Jeez. I sure hope the kid didn’t get sold an engine package he can’t use in club. Thanks for the clarification:

I was wrong. Here is the engines for TAG


Hehe. Heck of a starter kart, thanks!

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