What's a Typical Rebuild Period for the KPV HPV

I’m curious to know, how many hours do the kpv engines run before a top and bottom end is needed?

I plan on club racing this season with either the Formula Karting Championship or the Tri-C Karters here in Socal.

I’ll put about 5-6 weekends on one then give it to Doug Fleming. I just got one back from him. At a minimum it’s a top end and I just tell him check everything and if it needs to be replaced, replace it. Not saying it won’t explode after 3 races or last the whole season. I’m sure some builders do have a hour number they go off of.

Which pipe? That’s the big factor. The 4 pipe shortens the life up.

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Yeah I’ve heard that the 4 pipe has a shorter life. I’m currently running a 3 pipe

I also think how high you are normally spinning it up to makes a difference.

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3 pipe is the better pipe for reliability. The 4 pipe requires more RPM to really work and is harder on the top end. Bryan’s advice sounds good to me for the 3 pipe.

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Like the others have said already. The pipe matters a lot! The 2 pipe is more of a junior pipe, but it will make the bottom more responsive, but you hit a brick wall at 10k I have never ran with the 3 pipe, but I would trust what TJ has said. I have heard from other guys out in California who run the 3 pipe that it make the engine more reliable than the 4 pipe and doesn’t murder the top end. The 4-pipe also takes away bottom end power, so with the 4 pipe it may struggle off the grid. The engine will twist up 16k or so(depending on the motors condition) Every engine builder is a little different on time. Comet is at 5 hours, as is Allison. I don’t know the others. I have heard all good things about Fleming engines and Jesus at P1 does some good KPV/HPV engines. The pipe and rpms huge for reliability. That’s my 2 cents.