What's the absolute minimum you'd show up to your first race with?

The most obvious answer you could think. I rolled into the track and had the lady at the gate waving her arms to let me know I had a flat. Luckily I have a tandem axle trailer so it wasn’t a major issue. Could have been if it was a single axle and blew out half way to the track.

So quick update: I’m headed to my first race this weekend. It’s be at GoPro Motorplex with plenty of spares on site. I’ve decided to go under a tent for my first race to learn the race-day logistics and get some maintenance advice. They’ll have any specialty tools I don’t have.

Here’s my packing list:
Kart Stand (homemade)

Tool box:
tire gauge
bike pump
duct tape
electric tape

Kart items:
vinyl numbers
chain oil
motor oil
go pro w/ ram mount on seat strut

Comfort items:
folding chairs
cooler w/ water
spare clothes

race suit
vans shoes
rain gear


By definition, doesnt a “tent program” have a tent? :wink:

Also, you shouldnt need the bike pump. The tent program should come with access to an air compressor. Do you have a tire gauge?

To dereks point, the program should have compressor and a big tent already!

Who are you tenting with? Maybe run this by then and ask what they think is redundant and what you might also consider.

Completely aside but ghost racing sighting in the wild:

Photo: Scott Monison

“The cool thing about Ceraland is it used to be Cummins Diesel company park. They sold it to private owner and they turned into pay park with just about any amenity you can think of. If you win the race the trophy has a giant Diesel engine piston. It’s pretty cool as far as trophies that I’ve seen.”

Apologies to op. Thought it cool but not worthy of a new thread.

Haha, yeah they have a tent. I should’ve mentioned the tent is for my wife to be able to relax somewhere other than the tent program tent.

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Roger that.

Oil/gas are usually bought from tent. No need to kart it along. (What a pun!).

Technically you are going to use their tools too. I like the list, though and that’s what you should go with. The idea is to try to prepare yourself, so despite tenting, bring your list.

One final thing to add: transponder. This will be necessary to get laptimes on days when they have beacon up. Also needed if you are going to race. Can be bought used (there’s a gentleman who posts with used ines regularly here) or bought from Mylaps.

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Forgot to mention that too, I’m renting one for this weekend but will probably buy afterwards.

I would contend with Dom’s point that it is good to have and bring your own tools. There is nothing more annoying than trying to wrench on something and not knowing where the right tool is. Plus in my experience from the other side, it’s pretty annoying when your tools are constantly disappearing and being misplaced because people forget to put them back, or leave them on floorpans and then lose them on track.

Even if I’m working for someone 1-on-1 and they have tools, I always bring my own so I can organize them and know where everything is.

And when you are trying to change gear and need the Almighty 10mm wrench, it’s guaranteed someone else needs it too.

They do have a tendency to walk away.