What's Your Racing Weekend Recap?

I figure this would be a fun way for people to get to know each other, so how about everyone post about their race here. I’ll start with my own, a slight edit from my last FB post.

I was too tired to talk about the race yesterday, but I’d rate it at an A-. The kart was definitely not ready when we got to the track, and since they put us first in the race order that meant I couldn’t get to the morning practice.

For qualifying, I didn’t tighten the starter nut enough, so that came off, ruining my chances of getting a good time before I even started.

That meant starting 28th in the pre-final. With the luck of getting through a crash at the start, I proceeded all the way up to 16th for the final. The final came and I made it another 4 positions up to 12th at the end.

The big excitement of the day for me, however, was running our new expansion. It’s very fast initially, but slows down a lot, giving us new passing opportunities and a challenge for the year. I hopped in my kart and ran a pretty good time of 54.8. Then I jumped in my friend Danny’s MPG (a homemade kart from a guy at the local track), and while I was 25 pounds under-weight, ran 7 tenths faster than my own chassis at a 54.1.

This comparison showed me a couple things:

  1. The steering on my chassis is extremely heavy. I was getting tired after lap 10 in my kart, but could’ve run at least 20 in the one I tried.
  2. I’m very cramped in my kart. I don’t think I like being as far back as Danny is/how far forward the pedals are, even though I’m taller than him, but extending my legs a little bit may help.
  3. My chassis has been pushing like a truck for I don’t know how long. I’ve gotten so used to it, but really enjoyed the handling of the other frame a lot more. It’s probably a tuning thing, but I’ll definitely be looking into this soon.
  4. The ability to modulate brake force is something on the OTK I really haven’t appreciated until I drove a kart where the brakes are either on or off.

Good idea for a topic!

  1. Yeah OTK kart generally have heavy steering feel. Lots of caster and the front torsion bar.

  2. Is your Kosmic seat at the factory settings?

  3. Probably all those welds…

  4. Definitely agree. First thing I noticed back when I switched to OTK in 2011/2012. The Merlin and ART karts I’ve driven since then had also felt like on-off switches.


This seems to be heavier than normal however, so I’m wondering if the welds/new cracks have had anything to do with it.

I also have no idea where the seat is in terms of factory setup. We kept it a little forward since I’m taller and this keeps the mass from being mostly on the rear wheels.

If your seat is farther forward, that’ll make your steering significantly heavier too. Also, they’ve designed that chart with your weight and height in mind, so it should be wherever they recommend. You’re right, more weight over the rear wheels could contribute to understeer, but since your center of gravity is higher as well, you are better able to transfer weight side-to-side, letting the inside unload more easily as well. Which offsets the weight being further back.

As a note, we usually shoot for between 41-43% front weight. 41 if you’re tall, 43 if you’re my size.


I’m putting it on scales soon, definitely keep those numbers in mind

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A paste from my Sons racing…

Good day racing. Qualified 1st and finished prefinal and feature in second.
Had a kart capable of winning both, just need to fine tune the new Senior set up. Led the first 7 laps of the feature before kart got a little to tight for liking. Got used up by the second place driver and lost the lead. That’s racing. No issues, just a few beauty marks…
Still an awesome weekend. Always a good time when you can be at the track.

A pretty proud Dad moment. Moved up a year early(14) and he was nervous about running with the Adults. Held his own and I hope earned some respect along the way. What impressed me the most, was spending the day practicing on the soft Vega Red and mounting up hockey puck Bridgestone YDS for racing the next day. Two completely different styles of driving and he got up on the wheel and got it done.

BTW Aaron, I’m jealous. We packed up and left after our race after they said extension would be open Weds. Should have hung out a while.


It was slightly difficult to run with the glare blocking the view into no-man’s and the right hander back onto the main track, but it was still a blast!

It’s awesome he’s jumping in with the big kids and proving he should be there as well! Those results should be earning respect pretty quickly in the Senior categories

Went to 61 Kartway for the Spring Challenge to get seat and wrench time. Kart was almost fast but ended in a DNF.
Here is the full story:


This about sums it up. Fastest all day. Even managed to beat the 3 second penalty for jumping the start in the pre. Kart did grip up in the rear a little as the day went on.


Finally got a race in with my new Parolin chassis. Battled my teammate all day. Finished second, but with fastest lap in all three sessions.

I also handed out a few KP stickers that I had left in my stash from the initial tidal wave.


@Aaron_Hachmeister_13 for sure you want to scale that thing and see where you’re at in relation to factory defaults.

If you don’t already have one, there should be some documentation for your Kosmic\OTK here:

Also, and this seems kinda obvious but make sure the steering isn’t impeded mechanically in some way. Make sure everything in the steering system is hunkydory from the column support down to the uniball bearing, tie rod ends and kingpin bearings. Lastly make sure the kingpin washers are actually contacting correctly and not binding under load.

Hm, didn’t think to check steering system, thanks!

Also hunkydory is a new word to me, I assume it means straight/correct?

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Yeah, might be my Irishisms there. Hunkydory = good

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Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.
Weekend Goals: Finish a race in both karts on the same day.
Friday Practice: Road Kart was great, Sprint Kart had frame welded yet again.
Saturday Race 2: Sprint kart threw a chain, but won, second kart also died.
Saturday Race 5: Road Kart: Finished and won 4 drivers.
Sunday Race 2: Sprint Kart Finished alone :frowning: won
Sunday Race 5: Road Kart Finished and won 5 drivers
Mid-Ohio is now one of his favorites. I say we met our goal.