1 piece pipe vs 2 piece + flex. X30

Which is the better pipe? The new one piece design or the older 3 piece adjustable length pipe? Any differences in performance?

I have limited time with an x30, 4 races but I would say adjustable would be better. There is a reason people keep 3-4 different lengths cut in their tool box. But fixed pipe will be simpler/easier.

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Most people just run the flex at the minimum length anyway, even with the adjustable flex. Fixed pipe would be cleaner, easier, and less things to break, as the flex pieces do tend to crack, break, wear down, and need replacing.

I would go fixed pipe honestly, just for the ease of use.


I think, most probably, the reason for a fixed pipe, is to keep the competition closer. Is it better, or not, is not the reason, it’s just fixed, nothing for the innovators to experiment with.

Innovation favors the smartest!!!
I’ve always wondered; what wins races? Is it the most skilled and talented drivers or the most innovative builders and tuners? In almost every form of motor racing, the rules tend to favor the former, rather than the latter.

Can we just answer the person’s question please :smiley:

The philosophy can go in another topic


There isn’t a straight answer, James.
It’s just “it depends.”

Do you want to be able to tune the powerband off the exhaust? -Then go flex.
Do you want something simpler that reduces the variables on your kart? - Then go fixed.

Neither is better. Just options.

Personally, I like the tuning options for my X30, but I’m running in mixed TAG class, and could use every advantage that I can get running against different engines.

I apologize, apparently I didn’t see that part of the rules.

I understand that.

I’m saying let’s not derail the question and topic by debating the purpose and merits of spec vs non spec racing.

I don’t think we need a rule for stay on topic? I think it’s kinda implied.

If someone asks a specific question, the responses should be related to it and help the person asking gain some direction and clarity.

This applies to me too… anyone can feel free to call me out. I know I can wander off too.