100 Formula Super A Vs OK Senior

Travisnutti always felt like a driver born too late

(yes is me on voiceover :slight_smile: )


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Good vid. Very nice production values and a pretty deep dive for those interested in OK.

Would have been nice to have subtitles for the older gent.

The short of it is…OK is very different than the 100cc, more evolved and closer to a car than an old school kart. Powerful engine even if rev limited. He had to adapt the driving style as the OK is heavier and needs to be pointed in the right direction, no room for correction. Good corner entry as it’s very rigid at the front and powerful brakes. OK is a great category, not easy to drive but a valid offer for the modern times. But the 100cc gives you much more confidence right away and the engine gives a better thrill. He sees the OK more of a stepping stone towards a career in car racing instead of a pure kart experience


And yes great video!
I think they skipped the timed comparison for a reason, but here is my take on it: by using a simple real world math at their respective min weights, OK has about 0.04 hp/kg advantage over the FSA.
If you had a “fair” head to head (pro level FSA driver at their peak, on the special tires they were running, prototype chassis, all legal to the old ruleset) vs top level OK driver of today on today’s tires and legal at today’s ruleset…I’d bet on the FSA for the win no doubt.

On the other hand, if you were to recreate the same ruleset today, on a liquid cooled 100cc engine with modern tech and open tires, of course the result would be opposite. I’d love to see that happening, same as the KZ1 discussion happening now

While true it’s only true for about 100 RPM of the operating range. Peak power is very misleading, especially if you only have one gear to pull.

I’m not making a case for one or the other package being better, just highlighting what I think is the limited utility of peak power numbers for single gear karts…. Or, well, anything really.

True, didn’t want it to sound all about the engine, when tires were much more of a factor. If you listen to the interviews of that era, they keep repeating how much of a difference they made, the guys that had access to the special ones were on a different league altogether. That was compared with others within a class on open tires already. Compare that to the long lasting ones we are running today, the difference would be massive. This is the one thing I always wanted to try and it’s practically impossible

An endurance was would be interesting :face_with_monocle:
Limited usefulness, but very interesting. Turn laps until one drops out (It’s going to be the 100)

The last 24 hour of Le Man 2-stroke that allowed 100s, the 100s won :slight_smile: The race included KFs and Rotax iirc. They may have had special dispensations though. I do have an old karting mag from the early 24s with 100s. Guys sleeping next to rigs designed for running in. Another guy had some hospital type neck brace for his neck.

I do think about whether longer form racing could be a good thing for karting. A KZ race that has pitstops might be fun, for us as spectators… maybe not the driver so much!!! Maybe a 2-driver team type thing.