100cc ICA, FA, FSA engine data for a game mod project

Hi guys! Recently I researched the 100cc Intercontinental A, Formula A and Formula Super A kart championships, I simply loved it! +19k rev limit, +30hp, no clutch, direct drive, air cooled… it’s one of the most incredible things I’ve seen in the world of karting!

I ended up doing some more in-depth research on the technical/mechanical part of these categories and some mods for games to try to get a feel for the experience of driving a machine like this, however, I noticed that there are no mods focused 100% on these categories, the few I saw, some they are no longer available for download, and others the general physics of karts require rework, in addition to not being as complete as I would like.

So, as I have some experience in creating mods for Automobilista and rFactor, I decided to create a mod myself focused 100% on these categories (ICA, FA, FSA), however, I didn’t find any information about the power curve of these engines, so, I decided to come here and ask if anyone has this information, and could share it with me (it doesn’t matter the engine model, if it has 100cc and was used in one of the 3 categories mentioned above, it’s perfect), I would be very grateful, so that I can create this mod, and make it available for download in the future.

Thank you for your time, have a nice day (or night)! Peace!


They seem to be hard to come by, but you can use this as a starting point.

Also Kart Racing Pro has FA karts in it. You can even sieze the engines

It’s an excellent starting point, thank you very much, I’ll try to look at Kart Racing Pro in more detail and see what good information I can sift through.

I also found a power curve for a 2005 ICA Reedjet