100cc KA / VLR Money Race at Oakland Valley Race Park Nov 6/7

Big 100cc KA/VLR event at Oakland Valley Race Park next weekend - Nov 6 & 7th.


  1. Ticket to 2022 IAME Grands
  2. $3600 in prize money
  3. Free MG Reds to top 6 finishers

Online registration is available at ovrp.net

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Is the NYS Championship only held at OVRP, or is it throughout NY (like NY Race Complex, LaFayette Motorsports Park)?

And wow… $1,100 is a lot… plus tickets

Money races are pretty uncommon in sprint round here. My dirt buddy seems to do them a lot, though.

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It is 1 round held at OVRP.

For a multi-track series in the Northeast, there are:

  1. Gearup F Series (NJMP, New York Race Complex & Pitt Race)
  2. Rotax Stars and Stripes Series (OVRP, Lafayette, United in MD)
  3. Spartan Mid-Atlantic Kart Series (OVRP, Lafayette, United in MD)

There is also one in the Boston / New Hampshire area.

I would love to do a summer of just throwing the kart in the van and driving from one-off money race to one-off money race and see what we could bring home.

My guess is I wouldn’t be able to cover the cost of gas with my winnings. :sweat_smile: But damn would it be fun!


Oh damn… I really want to…

Let’s all go feral this summer and use our winnings to create the Kartpulse Racer Development Facility for kids who can’t drive good and stuff.

Gonna need some wins there, TJ, I mean Derek.


TJ, that sounds like a blast of a summer. If you need a washed up 4 cycle masters guy who pits out of the bed of his truck to follow behind you, let me know.

One of the highlights of my racing “career” (very loose term) was racing the Commercial Point Karting Classic in two classes. I think I got a 2nd and a 3rd or something like that. When I tallied up all the expenses (entries, tires, travel costs, fuel, food, etc) vs my winnings, I broke even on the weekend. I was so excited that a race’s winnings paid for the whole weekend. I felt like a professional!!


What is this, a track for ants?!?

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I won an enduro and got 250 bucks in gift cards for NJMP. Lunch was had with other worthies. Winning stuff is fun.

That reminds me of an old saying…To make a small fortune in racing start with a large fortune!

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There’s also the New Hampshire Karting Association and Stars Championship Series (my personal fave :wink: )