12 year old 206 Class Neck Brace

I have a 12 year old grandson that wants to race 206 class what kind of neck brace are you or would you get for him a foam one or a EVS one or something different… Thanks Dave

The EVS.
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EVS all the way…it’s what we used.
Now my rockhead won’t wear one and rules don’t require it in SR.

We had no problems with EVS one. My son had a bad flip and it actually got worn down quite a bit from him sliding against the track each time I flipped. We replaced it with the Alpinestars one because we like the look of it. Happy with both. I would either of those.

Ordered the EVS one for my grandson thanks for all the help !!! Dave

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Your grandson dodged a bullet. I had to switch from foam donut because it was kinda ugly compared to EVS style ones. They are also basically like wearing nothing (evs) in comparison. Much lighter and less restrictive. Cooler.

I’ll be that guy that suggests the Freem Road Runner over both of these.

The Armadillo 360 device was also good but is impossible to find now.

As an armadillo 360 dad I would agree that it seems like a good kid option but it’s a bit fiddly with the straps. Little folks need help with it sometimes. Wether it does more than the evs is unclear but it seems safer.

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