12-Year-Old on Long Island

Hi everyone! I’m looking to get into karting, and wanted to ask for some advice. I’ve been a fan of Formula One for a while now. As I said in the thread title, I’m twelve, and live on Long Island.

I have a couple questions

-What Kind of Kart Should I Buy?
-Where Should I Race?
-What Should I Race?

Welcome to the board. I am not sure what tracks are around your area, but there is a track list on this site. What you race can depend on your budget and what races at your local track, but LO206 would be a good place to start. At 12, that is a transition age from cadet to junior, so buying a full size kart to race juniors may be your best bet.

However, as I said earlier, find what tracks are local to you and head out there to see what they are running and ask them questions. It’s always best to start with in something that your local track runs and supports.

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Welcome @LastOfTheLateBrakers.

Have you had an opportunity to go rental or indoor karting yet? If not, I’d give that a go. It’s (relatively) inexpensive to get started, they usually supply helmet, suit etc.

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I have tried rental indoor karting at Pole Position Raceway, and I’m proud to say I set the fastest lap time in my group four out of the six times I went

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That’s awesome. How about leagues? Do they run any at Pole Position. That would be the next logical step.

Then perhaps over winter buy your own kart and start racing next year.

OK, I went looking, and apparently there’s a track called Oakland Valley Race Park (sort of) near me. (by sort of I mean a 2 hour drive.) For my age group, I can either race in the Junior class, using either a X30, Leopard, or Rotax engine, or the Jr. Shifter class, with a Vortex ROK Shifter. Which one?

We have some ovrp regulars here I think. They will likely have feedback.
Did you see that they have a rental league? Might be a good start.


How much seat time do you have in indoor/rental karting?
Do you know what your budget is for both purchase and ongoing costs?

My recommendation would be:

  1. Compete in a rental/indoor league/series, perhaps more than one depending on how competitive you are.
  2. Checkout OVRP and get a feel for the scene, checkout some racing karts, talk to some people.
  3. See if OVRP offer a racing kart test session, or know of someone who does.

Rotax junior is a good package to start off with. Rotax motors tend to last a bit longer between rebuilds, which is perfect for getting track time. If a Briggs 206 class was offered, that would be my first recommendation but from what I understand the 206 has not quite picked up on the east coast.

I grew up on long island and currently reside in new jersey. There used to be a track in West Hampton back in the day but its been closed down. (Best times of my life racing there) Your only options now is to look into a champ karts? that rarely races at riverhead raceway. After that the closest places are in Englishtown New Jersey or Cuddiebackville New York which i believe only does road course.

Hey guys, just got back from vacation. I did some thinking, and I think I made up my mind on what I want to buy. For the kart’s chassis, I’m between the Fullerton TF3 Senior, or the Kart Republic KR2. (I mean Nico Rosberg uses this kart, so it’s gotta be decent, right?) I’ll run the Rotax Junior engine, and transfer it’s power to the track with Bridgestone YLR tyres. I’ll buy a Adidas Climalite Nomex race suit, Adidas RSR racing gloves, Adidas Kart XLT Boots, and a Bell GP2 Youth Helmet. Rib protector will be an Alpinestars Bionic, and a Z Racing Neck Collar. Sound good?

Are the good used examples in your area? How about support and spares?

Where are you planning to race?

OK, I changed my mind. I found that NY is home to Coyote Motorsports, manufacturer of the Coyote series of 4-stroke karts. I was wondering if I could convert the LO206 oriented kart to 2-stroke Rotax Junior? And also, should I get the Widetrack or XP?

Kaos Kart Shop is based out of New York. They supply OTK, Top Kart, and CompKart chassis, so I recommend you get one of those. You are on the right track with OVRP, and I do recommend Rotax since their motors are likely cheaper used than the others at the moment, but any should work. Just see what used motors you can get and find whichever is relatively inexpensive. For starting out, any of the motors should be fine to run.

In terms of equipment, you’ll need a different racing suit. Nomex is a fire retardant material but isn’t abrasion resistant, which is what you’ll need for karting. Sparco makes good suits for karting at a decent price (https://www.sparcousa.com/product/track-ks-1-2017).

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I see those guys around the track. I think Kaos is somehow related to Jared Burchette (senior tag). He’s awfully quick!

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For some reason theres a Kaos Kart Shop sticker on the rear of the FMS hauler. I was surprised to see they’re from New York, I thought they’d be closer to us. Either way if they’re on Jamie’s truck I would trust them

I live on Long Island and frequently travel to OVRP and F-Series races. You don’t seem totally decided on what you want to do. Most tracks don’t use Bridgestone tires in this area anymore. And the gear you listed will run you somewhere between $1500-$2000, not including buying a chassis, motor, etc. Have you gone and visited OVRP yet? That would be a good start if you’re still serious to get started!

I too suggest what Justin said. I travel to OVRP for racing also and if you want to get a real vibe of how things go then that would be the place to start. The staff there are extremely friendly and helpful as well as the other drivers/mechanics i talk to. You wont regret it.

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