178 entries at our club race!

Badger Kart Club, in Dousman, WI held their first points race yesterday. I’m proud to say we had 178 entries! We are poised for a big year, celebrating our 65th Anniversary, holding the Mill-Rite Shootout, as well as hosting USPKS and Rte66!

Kart Count:
Kid Karts - 14
Brigg Cadet - 16
Briggs Sportsman - 16
Briggs Junior - 19
Briggs SR Medium - 34
Briggs SR Heavy - 10
Micro/Mini Swift - 14
KA Junior - 11
KA Senior - 20
TaG Masters - 24


Great numbers, always good to see the strong turnout at Badger. Proud of have grown up racing there as as I think it’s one of the most friendly and passionate clubs in the country.

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Look at those masters numbers!!


Unfortunately, we don’t get that every race. There’s a great group in our area that holds a separate series for the TaG Masters. They split there events between Road America and Badger.

@ThaStig95 can speak more to this.

I was in Pewaukee but unable to get to the track :cry:.

There is nothing cooler than seeing 34 entries in a class at a “club level” event! Congrats, and I am jealous!!

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When trying to pitch Pitt Race management on how to do things, I refer to Badger more often than anywhere else as a model to follow. You guys do it right!!!

Hey Dan, EK enduro at your place… I’ll try to come up for it as I’ve never been.


What? That’s terrible! lol. You were so close!

Kart count usually picks up in summer. Would be amazing to see 200 race entries at a club event!

Yep 20mins away! Left front tire had other ideas.

I’m in Mount Pleasant a fair bit, since it’s family stuff it can be harder to get away… but I’d like to get my frame checked over and come down for a race sometime.

That must have been quite a pucker-buns moment! :grimacing:

Customer states that the car suddenly jumped the kerb for no reason.

Nah it wasn’t a huge deal other than delaying us like 27hours by the time we got it all sorted :disappointed:

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Do it! You won’t regret it. Such a great track. If you know of anyone looking for drivers to make the race, I’m sure I could round up some locals.