2 cycle oil recommendation for 100cc KPV?

Can anyone recommend a 2 cycle oil for a kpv 100cc engine?

Run this stuff. Always talked highly of by builders. Unless you run with a club that specifies an oil you must run.
8 oz per gallon of vp110, c12


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Where does everyone get vp110 or c12?

Local Yamaha and Honda dealerships sell c12 in a pail or 10 min from my house is Buttonwillow race track and they sell 110 at the pump.
Also most kart shops should sell it.

Recommend Burris, either Blend or Caster depending on the weather. Both are good regardless.

As for fuel, you can get it from your local kart shop which will always have it ready for ya. MDG Karting in Orange County just needs a week heads up to make sure they have enough on hand. I’m sure Mike Manning gets some fuel too near Willow Springs.

@teo I buy my Sunoco 110 fuel from Ramos Oil. You can get it either in 5 gallon pails or at their West Sac facility, they do have a pump. You have to set up an account with them, though, but it’s free and pretty easy. Since you guys are from the Bay Area, too, you could stop at Sonoma Raceway. They have 110 at the pump there too.

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Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is to run what other’s tend to run. That way you’re on the same page for tuning/troubleshooting as others.

All of the oils mentioned here are quality oils, and you can be assured that an oil you get from a karting engine builder is going to be up to the task.

But I stress, the most important thing is to pick something that is commonly used and stick with it. Criteria for that should include the brand, not just the octane level and it also includes oil:fuel ratio.


Motul seems to make a good one as well.

Find out what is commonly used at the races you plan to attend and go with that. If you have a specific engine builder in mind that you might work with, find out what they recommend.

The oils reccomended above are all quality oils used in karting. The most important thing is that you run what others are running so you have one less variable to worry about when you are trying to solve a problem.

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Motul from my experience seems to be the “spec” oil in most organizations. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. It’s common for guys to run hi-rev Burris for practice then use the motul mix for race day.