2 shifter water pump questions

Hey, thanks for all the help.

Now that I know my water pump was 180 degrees the wrong way, am I missing something when it comes to the bottom rad water inlet connection to the water pump?

It’s on the wrong side?

Not sure what I’m missing. Can the Birel ART water pump be disassembled to have the inlet on the left hand side or does the water line have to do a complete wrap around?

Also how tight(how much tension? Do you want the water pump belt? Is it like the chain(1/2” play)

Thanks for all the help

The freeline water pump does indeed mount with the inlet engine side, so your picture is correct. I believe it’s the only commercialized pump today that has this design.

What you need to do is run a longer silicon tube from the rad outlet, so that it can bend around the pump and connect on the inlet.

Tension should be like chain, yes :slight_smile:

I found this pic of someone’s else kart with the same pump……is it wrong then the way it’s plumbed ?

The pump is mounted the right way. Use a Carquest #88425 180-degree U-bend 5/8" heater hose.

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Awesome, thanks for all the help everyone