2 Stroke to 4 Stroke Rear Axle Modifications

I bought a used Compkart chassis and the previous owner had a 2 stroke engine on it. Thus, the sprocket and the key were positioned on the right side of the axle bearing cassettes. I want to install an LO206 on this chassis which means I have to move the sprocket and the key to the other side of the axle bearing cassettes. Is there a way I can do that without drilling two holes in order to stabilize the key? Thanks!

If there isn’t a key way towards the inside the easiest thing to do would be to replace the axle with one that already has one in the right place. It would take a lot more than drilling two hole, a flat spot of the right dimension would have to be milled on the axle. Probably cheaper to replace the axle.

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Not all keyways have holes. If you have a keyway in the right location, but no holes, you just need different keys.

What exactly do I have to do if I want to stay with my current axle? I haven’t worked that much lately it might take a while before I can afford a new axle lol

thank you sm for ur info!

im considering taking my kart to a go kart shop cuz they should have professional equipments to do the drilling and all other stuff. Idk if that sounds plausible

Post a picture so we can help you better.

thanks! The two holes on the right were to fit the sprocket key when the kart had a 2 stroke. The sprocket should be placed between my fingers when I put an lo206 on it.

Just buy a new axel. Even as someone who has the equipment the time vs money saved wouldn’t be worth it. Plus one mid step in milling and you’re buying a new axel anyway

Or used axle. Picked up spare for $30 a couple of weeks ago. It will be hard to find a place to make the mod cost effective unless you do it yourself

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Thanks! Does the length of the axle matter? My current axle is 1040mm. Will it be fine if I put a 1000mm or a 1020mm on it?

And also how can I tell if an axle will fit my axle hubs?

Your hubs will fit if it is the same diameter - check the diameter of the axle (looks like 50mm). Also, it’s best to keep the length of the axle the same as well - you can go longer and cut it down, but you can’t add if you get one that is too short.

is it fine if the new axle is 10mm shorter than the original one?

It will probably be fine, but it may not handle quite the same.

see this thread for a brief discussion:

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