200 LB Drivers

I am looking for some recommendations relating to heavier drivers, these recommendations would be outside of racing please. I have a Birelart CYR30 chassis with IAME X30. I believe I am losing a little pace out of the corners as compared to lighter drivers. The straights at my local track are not very long and I wonder what kind or tooth count of sprockets would give me extra jump at acceleration while not giving up too much in the straights, thanks.

Any time you add teeth to the rear sprocket, you give up top-speed, there’s really no getting around that. However if your track is mainly tight corners with not a lot of straights, you may find that the benefit of better low-end acceleration outweighs the negatives of topping out too early on the straight. In other words, you gain more time in the infield than you lose on the straight.

I would try adding teeth 2 at a time if you want to experiment, and see how long you can sit on the limiter on the straight before it starts hurting your lap times.

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Thanks right now I am running 76 how many teeth do you think I should reduce by as a test?

If you want acceleration out of the corner you want to add teeth to the rear sprocket. For gear changes I like to experiment in increments of 2 teeth. So throw a 78 on there, see how fast you go, and then an 80 and see if it’s better. I would keep adding teeth until you slow down in this situation.


Thanks for the information and advice. I will give this a try.