2001 125 Crankcase Crack

Developed the dreaded right half crankcase hairline crack caused by the silencer mount bracket vibration(s). Besides R&R the case halves and finesse sealing from the inside, anyone had any luck with external sealers? JB Weld works ‘awhile’, any suggestions are much appreciated.

Best chance of success is to grind a vee along the length of the crack then use something like this:


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Many thanks, will give it a try!

Also make sure you clean the adhesion area with a solvent. Additionally, Devcon stuff is really good. Maybe try Devcon compositions? I think they have more metal content than JB Weld.

I’ll second that on the Devon product. They make putty and liquid products for both steel and aluminum metal repairs. The stuff is easy to find.
I’ve also used a product called Manley’s part A and B for intake port work back when I raced Tecumseh controlled stock L-heads,stuff worked great. Might be harder to find.