2011 Top Kart Flash Rotax Builds

I was given two 2011 Top Kart Flash Rotax karts that had not been used for at least 7 years. They looked pretty rough when I got them. The best looking one of the two I just did the bare minimum to get it running so I could go out for practice days. I will come back and strip that one completely when I get the other one built up.
The second one looks like it has had a rough life. The side pods were bent upwards on both sides and the rear bumper was bent and had been repaired at some point. I have stripped this one completely and checked the frame for straightness and it is actually ok. Frame is now at the powder coaters. The engine I am going to give an overhaul but there is something strange on the crankcase, where there should be what I think was a blanking plug someone has done a bodge with a piece of all thread and a nut and washers. Not sure what I will find behind that lot!
I will be spending a bit of time on the Top Kart website ordering parts! I know I need a fuel tank for sure and brake parts.
I’ll update the post as I proceed with the builds.


Picked up the chassis from the powder coaters today. It is blue candy chrome, looks more bling in person :sunglasses: Now the fun part building it back up.


Nice look. Metallic flake is always awesome.

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Cleeaannnn. Excited to see how it turns out when put back together.

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Coming along nicely. Think I’m going to get a full width metal back bumper though.


A little more progress.


Looking good! Nice work.