2013 CRG Dark Rider125cc Rotax Max DD2

Location:Westlake, Ohio 44145
Pictures: Pictures
2013 CRG Dark Rider
125cc Rotax Max DD2 2-speed paddle shift

The kart was raced in Canada up until I purchased it. The original engine was replaced with an engine used for practice only, which is currently installed. The battery will need to be replaced.

Comes with extensive spares list:

3 40mm axles
Miscellaneous kit with carburetor parts, electrical, brake parts
2 sidepods (L)(R)
2 front bumpers
4 front bumper mounting brackets
new spark plugs
used spark plugs
4 shifter selectors
1 coil pack
1 Brand New fuel pump
1 used Fuel Pump
1 jet kit
1 Rotax engine starter
6 hubs
1 bag of brake pads
2 front chassis stiffening bar 1 nylon 1 steel
1 rear chassis stiffening bar
1 seat strut engine side
2 bearing collars with bracket
2 bearing mounting plates
1 bearing
4 axles collars
1 rear axle spacer kit
1 rear bumper missing 1 roller and roller mounts
1 axle to transmission collar
2 exhaust pipes plus spare insert
1 plastic fuel tank
1 engine air box
1 battery mount
Front Caliper and Rotor
Gears/Clutch Parts: (1) 61, (3) 63, (2) 63 (2) 65
(1) 32 (2) 34 (2) 35 (1) 36

Does not include kart start, but available for extra and I also have several sets of wheels/tires available for extra.

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