2017 CRG RR (KZ) Axle Question

Hello, I’ve been using a 2017 CRG Road Rebel with a Vortex KZ for a bit now and have the standard OEM medium stiffness axle in the kart. It seems to work marginally well but have noticed some issues with mid corner bind and not as much release as I would like. Planning on going to some more high grip tracks so given the 32/32 road rebel is a stiff chassis, feel like a softer axle would be helpful to get the kart to “float” more.

Does anyne have any experience with the Tyca 50mm axles made for shifters? These seem appealing given the apparent adjustability that the collar inserts afford. What about swift axles from acceleration karting? Would a soft swift axle be the way to go to get the kart to “release” more?