2017 White Knuckle Scramble

It’s almost here!

For those who don’t know, the White Knuckle Scramble (WKS) is a unique event without equal in the entire continent. This year’s WKS is coming up, June 24th.

There is nothing else like it, it is by far the best kept secret in the karting and hot rodding world. Minibike racing, minibike drags, and vintage karts.

Rules are pretty lax and the overall event is a nice mix between racing and a kart/minibike/car show:


Racers must be 18 years old or older, with a valid drivers’ license and must sign track and event waivers.


-Vintage (1956-1985)
-No bodies, body panels, or roll bars or cages
-No mopeds, gopeds, pocket bikes, etc - vintage minibikes only!
-No Yerfdogs, buggies, etc
-No 2-seater karts


-You MUST run a muffler or silencer. The county has a strict 95 dB limit at the property line and it will be enforced at the track with a decibel meter.
-No transmissions or gears; no shifter karts
-No motorcycle engines


-You must demonstrate that you have working brakes and steering, and can safely handle your vehicle
-No fluid leaks
-Full-face helmet with a Snell 2010 or newer rating (kart [k], motorcycle [m], or racing [sa] are OK) - see below
-Neck brace (see below)
-Abrasion-resistant jacket (race purpose, leather, denim, etc, but the more durable the better, especially on a minibike!!)
-Long pants (to the ankle) of durable material (denim, etc)
-Closed toe shoes
-Full finger, abrasion-resistant gloves
-Hair protruding more than 4" from the helmet must be secured under the helmet


There are many videos out on youtube, here are a few examples. The mini bike racing is absolutely fantastic.

I’ve placed 4th in this event last year after a last second rush to make my kart driveable and it was 100% worth the effort. All machines are unique, and all drivers are even bigger characters. Come check it out!

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