2019 OTK Frame Evaluation

Hi all,

Just wanted to see what people’s thoughts were on a couple flat spots I noticed on my tony kart(401r) , and if I should be concerned with the longevity of the chassis?

I got the chassis used and only used it for half a season (KA100 sr class). The kart felt good but I noticed two large flat spots over the off season that were covered up by frame guards from the previous owner. These are located right behind the front spindles towards the front of the waist area.

I measured the outer diameter and largest width of each flat spot. Below are the measurements.

Right Side
DIA: 29.78mm
Width: 8.79mm

Left Side:
DIA: 29.83mm
Width: 7.75mm

Not an issue at all. I’ve seen people use chassis’ that are completely D shaped.

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Yep, I have a chassis that is D shaped with 15 seasons on it. Works great :+1:

Sweet, thanks for the comments!

You should probably be more concerned with sag on a used chassis then wear to the tubing itself. So you’d be looking for how much the middle of the kart has sagged. How much the C’s have “bent up” etc.

You can check the sag across the front with lasers. I think tony’s typicalls come with 1 dot of positive on a sniper gauge. If its 1 dot or 1 square or more negative then its sagged.

Thanks for the information! I’ll definitely check the sag since that’s something I haven’t done yet.

That’s barely through the paint. Repaint it and get some frame protectors.