2019 TCKC Schedule


The TCKC track is open for practice select weekends from 10:00am — 4:00pm (5:00 — 10:00pm on night practices) from approximately mid March through the end of October. Race day the track will open at 7:00am (12:00pm for night races). Practice earlier or later on the weekend or on the weekdays must be arranged through the Board Member responsible for the track that week. Week day practice is not guaranteed and will be done subject to the Board Member’s availability. During the high heat months of July & August the track will close early both days (12:30pm) if no one has arrived.

2019 Race and Practice Schedule
March 2-3 Track Cleanup Party N/A All Members
March 9-10 Practice Long Track Worley, Spier
March 16-17 Practice Short Track McNeill, Dutton
March 23-24 Practice Long Track Miller
March 30-31 Practice Short Track Spier
April 6-7 Practice Long Track Keck
April 12-14 NW Gold Cup @ TCKC Long Track
April 20 CLOSED — Electrathon E-Car Race N/A TBD
April 21 CLOSED — Easter Sunday N/A N/A
April 27 TCKC Club Race #1 Practice Long Track McNeill, Korenkiewicz
April 28 TCKC Club Race #1 Long Track McNeill, Korenkiewicz
May 4-5 Practice Short Track Land
May 11 CLOSED — Cascadia Supermoto N/A TBD
May 12 CLOSED — Mother’s Day N/A N/A
May 18 TCKC Club Race #2 Practice Short Track McNeill, Miller
May 19 TCKC Club Race #2 Short Track McNeill, Miller
May 25-26 CLOSED — Memorial Day N/A N/A