2020 Battle at the Brickyard

Checking to see who here will be headed to the Battle at the Brickyard this year?

We’re headed there this year, and will be our first time there. My daughter is excited to get to race there this year.

Returning this year. Still pretty clueless but slightly better prepared.
“The Lap” is glorious.

The Front Straight is soooo loooong. Was everyone taking “Selfies” while driving down the straight?!? :man_facepalming:

I mean, I get it. Its the Brick Yard! …and you’re Racing on it! Breaking out your phones for a Selfy while you’re racing?..even if it is just the parade lap. I am sure enough Friends and Family were along to get pics from the sidelines.

Friday, after practice and qualifying, every kart gets to do a “Lap” on the 2.5 mile oval. It’s more like a parade lap than a race. You are limited to 40 mph behind a pace vehicle. That’s why you see everyone doing selfies.

Okay, that makes more sense. I was wondering why they weren’t using the infield coarse.

Please forgive my prior comment.

No worries. The track uses some of the infield that Indy Cars used this last weekend. The kart track is made basically inside turn 4.

Got it! I am familiar with the track. My Brother and I were Crew for our Dad when the SCCA held the Runoffs there a couple of years ago. Pop’s Bucket List item = Check!!! What direction do they run? The Runoffs were running clockwise, with Turn 1 where Indy 4 meets front straight. Basically the Kart Course looks like Sector 1 of the 3 for Runoffs.


It will be ran in the clockwise direction.