2020 Evinco Blue Tires vs. <2019 Evinco Blue Tires - Testing?

Looks like Evinco has a new recipe of Evinco blue and red tires out for 2020 that is different than previous years Evinco


This might be a question for the 206 guys, but has anyone in here tested the new Evinco Blue 2020 tires vs the other previous year Evinco Blue tires to have a view on which ones they like better and what the differences are?

Does anyone know why Evinco came out with new recipes?

It’s not that big of a deal but I’m about to buy some tires and would like to make sure I am buying the faster one so I can humiliate my friends with my Artyon Senna driving abilities :slight_smile:

EDIT: I called evinco and the differences are a stiffer sidewall and more rubber on the tire so should last longer, jury still seems to be out on which tires are faster but the stiffer sidewall will feel a little different and the new version should last a good amount longer before see chords.

Good luck in your hunt and Welcome! :racing_car: I hope they have better luck with their new compound than the folks did in f1 just recently where everyone’s tires fell apart.