2020 LeCont Tires

Since the F series just had a race I was wondering if anyone who ran it had any feedback on the new homologation LeCont tires compared to the last generation. Wondering how different they are, faster, lasting longer, etc.

Ran this weekend and hadn’t heard anything about them being a different generation of tire. That would certainly explain a lot though. Previously a few years ago when they first switched over to the LeCont I was able to run high pressures and found a lot of time, We experimented with that again this past weekend and hardly picked up a tenth. They really didn’t seem to make any difference new or old, as I ran faster lap times in the race than qualifying. Seems as though its a much harder compound.

I suppose I only assumed they switched to the new compound. Probably kept the same Red and White wording colors, but the new CIK homologated models are called SVB and SVC.

I’d be curious to know how the tire evolves from quali to end of race.

The old whites fell off pretty quick. I estimated about 40 laps of racing and about the same practice afterwards.

Are the new ones longer lived?

If you compare pole times 2019 v 2020 Tag Senior and Tag Junior, it looks like the old tire might be a tick faster especially on day 2. Not sure what the conditions were though.

Interesting. Since I know a ton of dealers had tires pre covid. So most are probably 2019 tires right?

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Depends on track. I found the old Whites very consistent at NY Race Complex. In fact I ran Whites for both days in 2019 and ran the same lap times both days. At E-town, NJMP, etc… they slow down from Quali thru Race 3 but I think that is pretty standard for a race tire on race day.