2021 Formula 1 Season: Discussion Thread

The McLaren debut today marks a sort of unofficial start to the 2021 season so I figured it might nice to have a new thread here on KP for all things F1:2021.


Sounds good to me, I heard rumors that the Mclaren car would be the most changed car, but in all honesty, it barely changed :joy:

Livery change? It seems that Alpine and Aston are going to challenge hard for the title, unless those don’t count since they have new title sponsors (sort of since Renault owns Alpine).

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Thanks for starting this for 2021. I was hoping someone would break it off :joy:

The cars must be carry-overs from last year, with the exception of the floor aero changes. But McLaren got special dispensation to make additional changes to accommodate the new Mercedes power unit. But the rest of the car had to remain as a carry-over. So most changes they made I would imagine are under the bodywork to package the new engine.

Otherwise I expect very little in the way of visual changes for most of the cars, except for the Aston and Alpine liveries.

McLaren had to use up one of their design tokens for 2021 for their new PU though. So that limits them for chassis upgrades for the rest of 2021, as they only have one token left. On the other hand, Aston Martin benefitted from a loophole that allows them to keep their tokens in tact, but are allowed to make adaptations for the parts and systems they purchase on Mercedes…
I know the floor and diffuser changes for 2021 are definitely being implemented to reduce down force, but are we definitely seeing the new Pirelli tire being used for this year? All drivers hated the tire when they tested in Abu Dhabi.

Should be an interesting seasons. massive midfield right now contending for 3rd. I’ve got tickets to the USGP for three days, should be fun. Cant wait to see my first race.

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So let’s summarize the big changes going into 2021:

Who is out?

Who moved teams?

Other items of note? Major tech/rules changes?

I am sad to see Carlos and Lando part ways but am curious to see how Lando and Daniel work together. Hopefully McClaren keeps up with the racing life videos.

Mercedes - Bottas and Hamilton
Red Bull - Verstappen and Perez
McLaren - Norris and Ricciardo
Aston Martin - Stroll and Vettel
Alpine - Ocon and Alonso
Ferrari - Leclerc and Sainz
Alpha Tauri - Gasly and Tsunoda
Alfa Romeo - Raikkonen and Giovinazzi
Haas - Schumacher and Mazepin
Williams - Russell and Latifi

Bold are changes.

Aero rules are mostly carry-forward but the they chopped some of the floor off on the rear and limited slots and some diffuser tricks to reduce downforce to 2019 levels, though the teams will claw some of it back.

Not a lot of change this year. The big things other than driver switches will be seeing who switches to full-on 2022 development early, since that’s where the big full reset of aero rules comes into play.

I am looking forwards to Alpine. That’s a very sexy marque that will add nicely.

Still cannot believe Latifi kept his seat. Would not be more profitable for his daddy to buy a WEC or GT team for him to race?

The rear aero streamlining diffuser is out this year; new wheel+tire spec comes out in ’ 22.

Really looking forward to seeing the dynamics between teammates at Red Bull, McLaren, and Ferrari.

And now the new AlphaTauri

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The Alpha-Test rig for RB.

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Not sure profit is really the motive.

She’s a beaut lads :heart_eyes:


I like the reverse color scheme, and the more prominent clover. Feels-a much-a more-a Italiano.

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Looks like a concept livery that looks amazing but never gets used. This time they finally used it! Love it

Toto has mentioned this is his eventual goal.