2021 OTK Exprit Roller For Sale

Location: Phoenix
Price: $1500

Details: 2021 Exprit

Still a fast chassis, had pace but not the luck for Top 10 finish in the Rotax Finals. Like most OTKs the seat struts have been welded on after the welds started to crack and is reflected in the price. Never been in a big crash or bent. I’ll toss the lasers on it when you come to pick it up. Lots of new hardware like front hub and cassette bearings and comes with carbon fiber floor tray and MXJ wheels. Seat is a Tillet Size ML. Thanks.

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Was just stripped to the frame and built back up with almost every nut and bolt replaced before last weekends race.

401R or 801R? 20 char

Whatever Exprit calls the 30mm chassis lol

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Looks like a nice chassis for a great price. GLWS!

Thanks. This is my “help me get it out of the garage before the new chassis arrive and my fiancé kicks my butt for having too many karts” price :joy:

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Noesis RR, same as Tony Kart’s 401.

I think they just recently started offering the Exprit in 32mm, with the TDX. I don’t think you used to be able to get the 32mm in that color.

Great price.

Really interested, but I am in Minnesota and with family member live in Phoenix LOL :laughing: :laughing:

Yea figured I’d offer a good deal for someone on the forums to snag at good price, asking more thru facebook/craigslist. If it doesn’t move I’ll just strip it for parts.

Shoot me a DM and I’ll give ya my contact info. It’s on a truck back from Indy and I’m on a plane to Charlotte. I’ll be around this weekend tho.

Just got it home and pulling it apart for a good cleaning. Underside has the normal scrapes and scratches, but the tubes are still in good condition and not too flat spotted or worn thru. Lots of rock chips from racing in the desert. :expressionless:

Do you want to re-frame and just move all of your components over to a Factory frame?

I have a new OTK TAG chassis on the way, but I’m still on the fence for a shifter chassis. I assume the team will be in for the Vegas races? If so I’ll for sure come by and take a look.

Yes, Factory Karts will be at the SuperNationals.


Here is how it lasers out. Within a half a box or so. Probably some of that is since I need to check sweep, just dropped in the standard pills and steering column to take it back to baseline.

Lasers better than mine!

It’s had an easy life, just looks rough from busting seat struts and getting sand/rock blasting.

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Bumpity bump!
Scrubbed clean and put back to baseline. Ready for a new owner!

How is this not sold!?! Someone could probably get that to their door anywhere in the US for $2000


To the top again. I have some half hearted interest thru Facebook/Craigslist. Rather it go to someone on the forums. If it’s not sold by the end of the month it’s getting stripped for parts :confused:

Man, if I needed a new chassis, I would jump on this. Just bought a cadet for my son’s next season, so I’ve gotta slow down a bit :money_mouth_face:

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