2022 CKNA Grand Nationals (5) at New Castle Motorsports Park

Any forum members planning to race the Grands this year? I think I’m gonna give it a go.

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I’ll be there!

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May be there tuning.

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for anyone who’s been to previous Grands, just a few questions regarding the event. can you actually camp at NC? i’ll probably get a hotel, but it should be cool enough to camp, too. i recall there being showers in the bathrooms, so if camping is doable, i’d consider it. i figure, in general, it might be pretty crowded.

and for parking your vehicles, was that a pain in the ass? on the website, it says no vehicles in the pits after Friday, or something like that.

I’ll be our first time out (Kid Kart this year - hopefully they introduce a red slide class for next year). Interested in the answers to @1stPlaceMidPackGroup questions too :slight_smile:

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You can camp at the track. We’ve stayed in our toyhauler every year. Parking isnt that big of an issue. Plan accordingly and you’ll have everything you need at the trailer


Almost a week away, all signed up and getting everything prepped. Anyone in this forum racing the Legends class?

As with any big event, make sure you bring spares. Lots of them.

At the very least, bring:

  1. Tie Rods
  2. Steering shaft
  3. Spindles
  4. King pins
  5. Axle
  6. Probably good to bring hubs
  7. Chain
  8. May be good to bring nerf bars
  9. Consider a brake rotor
  10. Sprockets
  11. Motor
  12. Go kart
  13. Bank Account
  14. 401k
  15. Life insurance plan
  16. Dots pretzels for @tjkoyen

That reminds me, I’m hungry.

12-16 is some quality wisdom.