2022 CRG Karts Revealed

Sounds like you had a bad experience with CRG?

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I raced CRG/XTR (then Maxter) in KF3 for 2 years and I was trailing at the back of the field, 1.5sec slower than the top of the field AT BEST. The chassis was so stiff, it was preventing the engine to output its power out of the turns. It was flying in the wet conditions though.
I switch to OTK/Vortex for a test, and gained that 1.5sec after 20min of testing.

Interesting thing though, the CRG seems to do better on softer tyres, as I was racing in the EU championship with the Vega Green, and we used the Bridgestone YKC in the French championship.

DR chassis’ are the same, right? If so what’s the feedback been on the 4t chassis

DR utilizes a slightly different design, and I believe different material. Pretty similar to CRG in terms of handling and tuning dynamics.

Paolo would disagree most likely… :slight_smile:

If we are talking De Conto, he was driving for energy corse in KZ2 in 2009 (when I was driving the CRG in a OTK dominated field in the non-shifter). I am talking about the 2008-2010 era when the CRG non shifter were not good at all.

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The DR chassis are usually a little bit different than the CRG equivalent, but they’re functionally pretty similar. I ran an S97, the old 30/30 frame they had. I never got a chance to run the 4 stroke frame, but from what I understand it’s a pretty solid 206 chassis.

You’ll also find different materials from DR, signified by Evo I, II, or III. I had an Evo II, but the Evo III was a significant improvement in the KA category when I ran it last year. I’m not sure how the materials compare to CRG though.

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