2022 Factory Kart Chassis

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Price: $2000 OBO

Details: Only has one race season on it, and always run with steel frame savers. This is the same design that Billy Musgrave got 2nd at the 2022 SuperNats with in KA! Has usual scuffs but no flat spots or anything impacting performance.

The chassis is straight and hasn’t been in any wrecks. Chassis comes with swift MXC wheels, freeline motor mount, hard 1030mm length axle, used tires, spare brake rotor, etc. Seat is currently greyhound size 30.

Photos below and let me know if you need more. I can take pictures/video of anything. Chassis would be great for any full-size chassis class, such as LO206, KA Jr through Master, Tag Jr through Master, etc.

I would really really prefer not to ship it, but it’s something that I can do. Shipping is on your dime and you will need to arrange it as well. I am not liable for any lost/damaged items.

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