2022 NASCAR Season: Official Discussion Thread

Not f1 but it’s related:

I don’t think really think it’s F1-related at all, but it’s nice to see companies funneling real money into these initiatives, instead of just talking the talk. Writing checks is half the battle these days, so if someone wants to step up and fund quality female drivers, that’s great.

Edit: Made this into its own thread, only fitting to have a NASCAR thread too since we have an IndyCar and F1 thread.

Well we don’t have a catch-all for nascar, Indy etc. I’m not sure where to put the motorsport news, in general.

I regret my Busch lite moments but they were very affordable priced.

Boogity, boogity, boogity


Well, looks like Larson is off to a good start this year… Its there anything that dude can’t drive?

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Shoutout to my wife’s uncles team for taking home the W in Xfinity….


Dotter has a huge fan base here in WI/IL area. So many were happy for him.