2022 ROK Cup USA Florida Winter Tour Discussion

There is a “Join” button adjacent to the subscribe button. It seems to only be viewable on desktop or tablet, and not on mobile for some reason.


Where can I find results? Can’t seem to get their site to work.

I ended up going to a previous stream and hitting up a link in the description.


Results are here: 2022 FLORIDA WINTER TOUR ROUND 1 Results

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10$ a month is completely within reason. I enjoyed watching this weekend and texting buddies that attended while it was happening.

Also, for those that have an apple TV with youtube (or potentially any other smart tv device), I was unable to find the stream on the tv app, but was able to do so on the phone app. Not sure why, but was able to start it on the phone and access it through history on the tv.

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I’m going to post here as it applies. But I’m currently watching the Video from the 206 guys at rok cup. I’ll report back and put a link based on my opinion

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Round 2 is live. Qualifying just ended. Track is short, bumpy, and hard to pass on. Should make for entertaining races.

Xander, maybe you know this. How come businesses in the UK are able to film and stream even club races for free, is there some significant difference in equipment costs? Or is it just a lot more entries typically.

I have no idea what their business model is, they might be getting the club to pay some amount per entry or maybe it’s a bundling with some other service (the one I’m thinking of does live timing).


I feel like you’ve got a bit of chicken and an egg problem. In my mind the promoters should be paying you, subsidized with advertising but you need the subscribers to get the advertisers.

I’m like TJ in this sense, if I want to watch it I’ll watch it next day. But I’m typically just watching whatever fancy edits are shown in Instagram or Facebook.

Funny I was talking with Austin from Alpha Live about this today. In the UK some clubs were eventually more willing to pay. I’m having a hard time thinking of clubs in the US that would be willing to do it.

There might be some cost savings covering the UK with how much closer to each other the events are.

Yeah I can’t think of anywhere in the states that you can hit 10+ large clubs in a 3 hour radius like you can in the UK.

So to do it at the level and scale we are, it’s a bit too much to get ROI for the promoters if they had to foot the entire bill. We are spreading ourselves pretty wide revenue stream wise, between subscriptions to watch the mains, an apparel line, sponsorship, and some promoter money.

Some of the bigger promoters and I are working on some fully free options, but it needs to make sense and be scaleable. From a viewership standpoint, each weekend is slightly more than the rest, which is good, and I personally don’t think that the subscriptions are constricting growth enough that it’s fully inhibiting.

In the future, I could see it being like a FOX // FS1, ESPN // ESPN+, or NBC // Peacock relationship.

Small series get the hybrid subscription model, and if a series want to pay more, they can be fully free. For now though as it scales, we are still just above water with all of the revenue streams listed above. Not because of silly spending, but as aluded to, travel costs are pretty substantial.


Gets better every weekend. Keep pushing Xander!