2022 ROK Cup USA Florida Winter Tour Discussion

First round is kicking off, qualifying just started, streaming live on KartChaser.

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We live in an amazing time. Thank you Kart Chaser (and the sponsors/series that make this happen).


@XanderClements Unsolicited request… For future events we need the cameras up higher for these barrier-filled tracks, or all I see are helmets. Otherwise, keep up the good work!


Xander just noted that Kremers will be running X30 at USPKS and Rok GP at Rok events this season, which is cool.

I think he was P3 in the qualifying session for Rok Senior.

Just a quick poll…How many signed up for the paid subscription @XanderClements offered?

Did you pay for a Subscription to KartChaser?
  • Yes
  • No

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Sort of like PBS, I think we the audience are ultimately responsible for the success or failure of KartChaser and their live Broadcasts. $10 a month is not steep, but I am not in the know if he could have done it for much less right now. Currently its a niche audience, but as it grows more encompassing I hope it will draw in more viewers from outside our Die-Hard Karting community.

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Hmmm. Was not aware of that. I’m sort of torn in a sense. Everything has gone sub based and it’s kind of annoying. I’m managing way too many subscriptions now.
I’d almost rather pay once a season, some reasonable amount. Like 50-100 max.

Fortunately you can watch everything but the finals live for free. And the finals have been posted the next day to watch, which I don’t mind. This is karting after all, not F1, so I don’t mind watching not getting the immediate results.

But there has to be some subscription model I think for those guys to fund the making of this. Not a cheap and easy thing to coordinate all these moving piece. And if you don’t want to pay anymore you can cancel it.

I haven’t bought the subscription yet, my dad did, but I probably will if they continue to provide a good product.

I’d rather have a one time pay a season. Just like Dom said.

I’d even like to see like a $50 one-time fee for the whole season with the purchase of a t-shirt or some sort of offer like that.

BUT…I’m bored and it’s cold here in ohio so I spent all last weekend watching the coverage and wanted to see the finals live so I paid the subscription for now.

Hate to say it but i’ll probably cancel come racing season for myself as I’ll be racing most weekends when the events will be on life and while I have a TV in the trailer I won’t be streaming the coverage.

Nasty flip for Meir there.

I get it. It is not for everyone. I just feel like if those of us in the karting community don’t personally invest in something or personally contribute to content that will help grow our sport then who will. I personally do not have the time to invest in something like this myself, so I happily give $'s to those who do and will use it to bump up the awareness of the sport.

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Any word on how Miguel is doing? It looks like they had the ambulance on there. I hope he is doing ok.

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I didn’t hear anything. But I think he popped up pretty quick.

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Good. I have been on my head a few times. It can sting and the recovery period gets longer as you age.

He didn’t pop up at all unfortunately. They stretchered him off and it took probably 20 minutes, he stayed on his back the whole time. I told everyone to keep the cameras off of him as soon as it happened.

They want to, but the way YouTube’s system works doesn’t allow that, so it has to be per-month.

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Hopefully Miguel is alright. He runs 2 classes in our regional series and I told him he puts us to shame that he’s able to do that in the Texas heat.

I unfortunately don’t see spending the $9.99 a month at this point because one series that’s going to be broadcast, we will be at, and the others I just don’t see myself waiting around the computer to watch the finals as I am either at a track, or taking care of honey-do so I can get to the track.

Oh no, I thought it looked like he was up and out of the kart right away.

Hopefully he’s alright.

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On the notes for St. Pete. Hoping to have 1-2 cameras up there, and 1 overhead for sure at Homestead. Like @Alan_Dove1 mentioned in a post a while back, having the low shots is cool for the speed. But an investment I’m looking to make at other instances for sure.

Honestly, reception’s been even a little better than expected with the paid subscription hybrid. Pretty happy with where we are at here to start. Not massive, but bigger than my initial goal.

As stated above, the broadcast costs – crew, equipment, etc. are higher than really any karting series can afford to pay for, and higher than a mass sum of sustainable sponsorship $$$ could pay for too. So I figured the subscription could help scale as time goes on.

I’ve been apart of the FWT broadcasts in 2017, and seen other similar streams come and go like the SKUSA SuperNats stream of the last few seasons. The big ticket – I think – to grow viewership on the sport is viewing stream footage as a massive library to make content, rather than the streams themselves. And that’s ultimately what the subscription and a lot of our revenue at the moment is going to be put towards. Repackaging and reposting the best wrecks, finishes, interviews, etc., so that hopefully a few of the bunch go viral and keep people entertained.

I wanted to do some promo discounts or annual subscriptions also but they aren’t yet available with YouTube. And I don’t want to go off the platform to my own site as I think the chances of audience growth are slim to none in the current state. I also don’t have the money yet to build out a proper site fit for streaming.

All in all, I appreciate all the support we’ve gotten so far. It’s a process, with lots of mistakes, lessons, and experiences. It has been for the 1.5 years that we’ve been at the game so far.

Hopefully, we can just keep getting more and more creative in how to build more momentum and growth in the sport.


Realistically I probably will only watch occasionally when I’m working on weekends that lineup with the events you’re covering, but I’ll gladly support the effort by being subscribed. I commend the whole deal, I did tune in for a bit for the FWT shifter final and was impressed with the quality of the feed and everything. Keep up the good work @XanderClements!


Question: How do I subscribe via YouTube?