2022 SKUSA Pro Tour Finale @ New Castle, IN -- Official Thread

Kicking things off from Indy! Marijn Kremers and Ryan Norberg both have relatively comfortable point leads in Pro Shifter and X30 Pro, but KA Senior is unbelievably tight coming into the weekend. And with 2 full days of action, and only your best 5 of 6 days counting towards the title, someone could light it up this weekend and make a late charge in any division.

It’s time to crown some National Champions!

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Saturday | Qualifying & Pre Finals: 2022 SKUSA Pro Tour Round 5 | Indianapolis, IN | Qualifying & Pre Finals - YouTube
Saturday | Main Events: 2022 SKUSA Pro Tour Round 5 | Indianapolis, IN | Main Events - YouTube
Sunday | Qualifying & Pre Finals: 2022 SKUSA Pro Tour Round 6 | Indianapolis, IN | Qualifying & Pre Finals - YouTube
Sunday | Main Events: 2022 SKUSA Pro Tour Round 6 | Indianapolis, IN | Main Events - YouTube

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Big excite! Will Norberg continue to dominate? We shall see. I’m guessing his points lead is pretty solid.

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Practice 3 Results:

Quick start for Norberg, and check out HG beating out her new teammate in Danny!

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New Castle is a place where you gotta use your brain a little bit and that KA Senior pre showed what happens when you just dive people and make enemies all race long… hard to find a drafting partner when you just take take take.

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Without seeing the race itself, off the cuff I think it has to be a little bit vindicating for Greg Bell to see Danny Formal not walk away from the field since going to RPG.

The “pass or be passed” mentality makes no sense to me when you’re in a 3-5 kart breakaway early in the race. It seems like people get so fixated on being one position ahead of where ever they are that they lose sight on the big picture; being there at the end of the race. They’d rather dive someone for a pass for 4th-3rd-etc and get a gap ahead of them, or worse, bring the rest of the field up to their rear bumper. They throw away the opportunity to battle with 2 or 3 other karts at the end because they wouldn’t just settle in and click away 3/4 of the race just pushing the person ahead of them away from the mid pack chaos. Work with someone for majority of the race. Get a large gap to the people behind. Battle for the win at the end. Maybe I just don’t “get it” because I’ve never been in their shoes and in the battle for a national level win.

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I think the pass or be passed deal makes sense as soon as the pack is 3 drivers or bigger. If it’s two of you and you’re making headway, go for it. See Fletcher and Calvo Sunday in the main.

But, when the party becomes a party of 3 or more, the chance of someone botching a pass behind the leader goes up drastically, and then the leader has the chance of getting away. There’s also the last lap scenario of when the leader has to block, if there’s someone behind 2nd, then P2 has to block and run the risk of getting passed too.

I was too shy to ask but when you guys were talking about the younger driver who was really great in KA but kinda of sloppy comparatively in x30… could that just be he’s got way more headroom in ka? -10mph EOS from what I’ve experienced. It maybe feels really slow to him, like a rental feels to me.

Could that be part of reason? Or has the younger guy been equally in ka/x30? @XanderClements

I think it’s moreso that the driver level in KA is lighter. You’ve either got X30 rookies or semi pros // retired vets. So to run there versus running against full-time pros is probably a lot less intimidating. Marijn’s point about horsepower makes sense though. Nothing takes the wind out of your sails like hitting an apex perfectly only to get gapped on the next straight.

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