2022 USPKS Race 2

What are the tracks that are on the short list for the USPKS race April 28-May 1, 2022?

I heard Speedsportz is out which is too bad. I have heard mention of CMS and NJMP. Rumor, innuendo, guesses are welcome.

I know what it is but I can’t tell. :zipper_mouth_face:

It’s a good one though.

I will not tell anyone else.

I just assume anyone with a TBD or TBA on the schedule is going to MCC next year.


I hope this is true for the TBD on CKNA schedule.

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Hmmm. Interesting if MCC. I have nothing against it, but I thought USKPS was looking to grow its geo footprint. MCC is one wrong turn away from NCMP. With all the trips to the Midwest, my Volvo will be able to navigate I-80 autonomously without any hi-end software or tech.


It’ll be at East Lansing.

So long as weren’t not letting the truth interfere with a good story . . .

I heard it was going to be a night race at Talladega. Heard this from a solid source I have in France. . .

ricky bobby


I just noticed the “Perrier” sponsor. How about “Grey Poupon” as well!

@tjkoyen said it’s a good one. I am thinking CMS, Phoenix, or Oklahoma

My money is on Charlotte Motor Speedway.

“The second stop on the 2022 calendar will take place April 28-May 1, 2022. We’ll have to wait for the final venue location on this stop, but this event will likely take place in the Southwestern US, giving a nod to the many new teams and racers coming from that part of the Country.”

That’s from the initial schedule release, so Phoenix makes sense… Dallas maybe? :man_shrugging:t2:

I’m not familiar with big event capable SW USA facilities…

Agreed. Having raced NTK and DKC, both have limited space for a National Level Event. NTK has a decent amount of grass parking beyond their pit runner, but not sure if it would accommodate several dozen tracker trailers. DKC has some Asphalt and Gravel parking, but again the foot print is limited thanks to the track expansion.
DKC Arial Snap Shot2.PNG

NTK struggled some to handle the regional race this year (mostly due to the rain and mud). Speedsportz, with proper planning of the pits, could potentially handle a national race.

Will the new K1 track in SoCal be ready by late April?

Not where I thought it was going to be, but apparently there was a change of plans.

For Pro racers, what are the must do race series, generally?

SKUSA Pro Tour, USPKS, and Rok Cup are the three main “national level” series I would say.

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Thank you! Do they overlap? Is our man Norberg, for example, able to win all 3 in one year?

Most major series tend to try and schedule around each other so dates don’t overlap, so yes it’s possible to run a couple major series in a year.

When I was full-time I ran Pro Tour and USPKS, as well as regional Route 66 races.

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Hmmm. Well ok and not what I expected and I must say that I would like to try different tracks.

I have raced GoPro more than NJMP, OVRP, NYRC or Englishtown (individually) over the past several years.