2022 USPKS Round 2 @ GoPro Motorplex | Official Thread

This week we are in Mooresville, North Carolina, for Round 2 of the 2022 United States Pro Kart Series at GoPro Motorplex!

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Friday | Qualifying: https://youtu.be/dmebgEzjlLA
Saturday | Pre Finals & LCQs: https://youtu.be/uGTvCOjdapg
Saturday | Main Events: https://youtu.be/KsTnHnmTa9Y
Sunday | Pre Finals & LCQs: https://youtu.be/1skv1wg-xxg
Sunday | Main Events: https://youtu.be/FDYVAaXZtck

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So wish I could be racing this one. GoPro is always one of my favorite tracks and events.

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@olivier.p using home track advantage here!


Well that was good while it lasted… rough break Olivier.


That was a tough break! Some great racing so far

Ya frustrating but its racing not much i could have done there tbh

Was a bit hard to see, but looked like you got squeezed off the bowl.

Ya i was side by side and i guess the kid decided to chop in on me and then i was a passenger

fun little race


That was exciting. Some really nice passes and a great start, too. Funny movement when that guy pats his helmet and you are like “nah” and take him with a little punt next corner. Oops!

What did you do differently settings wise? The camera keeps trying to adjust to horizon and losing itself, tilting at 45 degree angle.

It seemed like less oops and more “You got that spot by doing it to me a few turn ago, how’d you like it.” Paybacks an ill-tempered woman! :joy:

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ya ik i forgot to tighten the mount fully

more of a punt for a few corners prior

tried something new what do you guys think of it