2023 Formula 1 Season: Official Discussion Thread

I think too much credit is given to newey. The car was designed by hundreds of engineers, all possibly contributing to large factors in the car’s success. Maybe 30 years ago when there were 10 engineers and a lot of the development came down to unique ideas and thinking (instead of simulations and tweaking) he could be credited.
He’s certainly a very useful member on the team but he himself did not solely design that car

I’m not so sure given how many leading cars he’s headed the design of under various teams and engineers. Whether it’s been ten or one hundred engineers he’s worked with on a car, an overwhelming amount of them have been very successful.


The issue with understanding Newey is no one really knows what he does now. He has this fluid role by he sounds of it. Overseer who can float about and ask questions and choose what area he’d like to focus on. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say if it wasn’t for the hybrid engines RedBull might have been unbeatable since 2010. Work environment, what engineers are picked. I suspect Newey has a hand in all that kind of stuff.

Aston’s retreat back into the midfield suggests that Dan Fallows hasn’t been able to wholesale take RBR’s secrets to Aston.

Mystery is all part of the fun

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Lewis would have won it if the team let him past Russell. Russell was quite a bit slower on the mediums compared to Hamilton.

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I am not gonna lie, I am a bit jelly.


I could have done that in my prime:) So here is the thing, I did long circuit karting (road course for you Americans) and I would say that it is way closer to F1 as far as driving technique is concerned compared to sprint karting. I know all modern (and older) F1 guys came from sprint karting but imho it is a totally different skill set from road course racing as I am finding out now! The only driver I know that came from long circuit karting is Nigel Mansell and he was a few years before I started racing so I never had the privilege of driving with him:{


I think the similarity between sprint karting (Well KZ) and F1 is thought processing speed. Things come up fast. Long track in karts you generally have a lot of time to think, OK maybe less so in a twin superkart but even in a KZ I found I had a good amount of time to chill on long tracks. Yes, the absolute MPH speed is higher, but with everything else being so vast, things don’t seem to “happen” a lot faster in long track.

Also did not know Nige did long circuit, I knew he did sprint of course.


Safe to say Sargeant is out of the Williams in ‘24. Really was hoping he would grow as the year went on but that is not the case and Williams can’t afford the damage costs.

Will Liberty want to lose an American driver? I am not sure, I guess we’ll see.

Logan is having a rough go, but even Williams have admitted he needs time to develop yet and he’s driving a difficult car, so it seems like he has some support within the team, though I imagine their patience is running out.

Lawson in that seat seems like a real possibility according to Horner. Red Bull doesn’t seem convinced of Yuki and Daniel being up to snuff for the RB seat, so they probably want to trial Lawson further next year in a race seat if they can. I imagine Lawson will replace Checo within the next couple seasons. Maybe they give Lawson a season in the Williams, then either boot Yuki or Daniel and get him into AT for direct comparison in preparation for RB when Checo goes.

Agree though I could see some politics coming to play. Williams already have one RB jnr driver on loan in Albon, will they take a second? Doesn’t that make the Merc junior program look like a complete waste of wonga if it can’t even produce a driver worthy of a Williams seat?

I have a feeling we might see Mick (though arguably that could cost more in repairs than Logan :joy:) or Vesti, which would be a pretty low blow to Logan.

Williams have admitted they put him up too early, I said the same on here last year but do they have the patience whilst seeing how Piastri is keeping Lando honest? I’m no so sure. Horner would like to see Lawson with a drive for sure but will the powers that be at Williams / Merc let it happen…… :man_shrugging:t2:

Max dominant as usual and a great race from Piastri.

Leclerc had a good showing as well in a track that did not suit their car, he seems to be more comfortable in the car (and also did a fantastic pass on Russell). Hamilton also had a feisty race, P5 is a great result for Merc.

Perez should just get kicked out. First he broke his wing after shoving Hamilton in the grass, then he broke the new wing by spinning out Magnussen. Embarrassing. It’s more of a testament to how good the car is, that a subpar driver who (honestly) is not even good enough for F1 can be P2 in the WDC. Not that we needed more proof after he couldn’t even beat Leclerc in a Ferrari last year, despite Charles getting a bad strategy or having bad luck every 2 races, and of course having a far slower car after the summer break. I really hope someone else gets P2 in the standings, Perez does not deserve it at the slightest. What a waste of a fantastic car and team, at least 10 drivers on the grid deserve that seat more than him.

What I got out of that race is the cars are too large.


Perez had a shocker today and looked completely amateur. But he has proved in the past he can be very good on his day, with amazing results in subpar machines. His problem has always been when he starts trying too hard he just gets so sloppy in battle.

Put Lawson in that seat.

Max’s ability to consistently deliver is incredible. He’s an absolute alien.
… and no it’s not “easy with the best car”

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I was having a discussion about this at breakfast with a friend. It’s amazing Max can deliver at the highest level in F1, but he also did it in karts and he does it in sim racing too. So it isn’t just about being able to feel the car to an extremely high level of fidelity, because he would suffer in sim racing then where he doesn’t get that feedback. He just has some innate, freak of nature sixth sense to be able to drive at the absolute limit with comfort.

I don’t think he wants to stay in F1 much more, I think he’s bored and over it a bit, but I wish he would stay for the rest of his career just to see what sort of stats he is capable of.

True, but they do need to fit the driver’s egos. :wink:

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Albon is no longer affiliated with red bull

I know that, he’s still from the RB stable.

Hol up


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I thought she and Alonso were a thing. Oh well.