2023 House of Hundred 100 Super Championship Belt VIDEO + PICS

I’ll update the pics when they come in.


The 2x

Says it all

Pic by Owen Potter

Live Stream (Final is last race of the day)


The promotion/media you do for these events is epic. Most other karting media is quite sterile and boring to watch if you don’t know someone personally.


Courtesy of Rich and Rory Puddle

Iconic Shot


Highlight Video


We try! :slight_smile:

It has to be said the nature of the drivers who race and the actual karts themselves, they lend themselves to this kind of thing. it’s hard to give a rational reason why because it’s the irrationality of them that kinda makes it fun.

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gallery Stu Stretton Photography | 100 Super


Excellent photographs

This is just amazing to watch. Those tiny corrections he’s making while on two wheels are just a thing of beauty.

Got anybody that would set up an arrive and drive for this? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Kind of brilliant. This should happen.

This is get your own gear, restore, tune, rebuild, test and put the work in type of racing. :slight_smile: That’s 90% of the game.

A purist! A man of principle! I kind of agree but man it would be fun to hoof those things without the associated work.

We aren’t for the masses, never have been never will be.


Fair enough! Not everything can be for everyone.

What I meant was, who has an extra kart I can rent if I fly over to do this race?

Slim chance I can get away from the family for that type of thing, but one can dream! Seems like it would be fun, and less expensive than doing the KZ Worlds :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Maybe a quest is required.

You just first visit the mystical wizard in Dartmoor named Alan.

He will send you on a quest to find a magical 1983 carb.

Unfortunately it’s guarded by a dragon named Oli who you must defeat.

Then, and only then, will you have proven your worthiness.


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Nice shots. Is the photographer also a fan of 100cc? Or are you guys hiring someone ?

Also, operational question, are you able to run this event break even at least?

How many karters do you think exist that could be a part of this series.

Are they all in UK or are you also tempting guys like @Lborka in Europe more broadly?

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Stu Stretton and his team are just very good. I think the 100cc stuff tends to be more photogenic than modern stuff, but they always put out quality work. He wasn’t hired for this event from ourselves. He attends a ton of events and sells pics via his website.

With regard to the event. We got a couple of sponsors which help massively. For example every competitors got a retro vintage top with our logo printed on. The trophies are top notch too. of course we have prizes to buy and the CD case scrutineering cards. We had 90s sweets and crisps too we had as part oft he good bag.

In terms of numbers of karters. It’s hard to quantify. In theory we have around 30 active karters that could do this class. But times are tough and a few older guys are calling it a day.

IN Europe there’s an event in Denmark coming up which will be good. Italy is struggling a bit I hear, but not sure.

Seems like it could be a very popular event. Would be cool to see Euros in general show up.

I like the old Walkman.

2016 at Garda was a special event