2023 OSKCS Round 9 - LO206 Sr

What a fun and challenging race weekend! Saturday was wet to mixed conditions as was Sunday morning practice sessions. By qualifying, the track had mostly dried and the rest of the afternoon was dry (but green) track conditions.


Qualifying was the first dry track driving we had so far in the weekend. Overall, I was pretty happy with my driving. I qualified P4 behind three of the fastest and experienced guys. P4 is where I probably belonged. However, I was a bit disappointed in how far off pole I was. I was 0.86 off of P1 and 0.57 off of P3. Granted, I was on very old tires, but I was still hoping to be within 0.5 of P1. However, last race I was a full second off, so that delta did come down a bit. Coming off the track, I felt like there wasn’t much more time for me to have found, so it is what it is.

Heat 1

I started P4 in the first Heat and finished P3. However, a top runner ahead of me had a mechanical DNF and entered the pits which gave me P3. So, on track, I really got P4. Nonetheless, I was pretty happy with that. I got a decent start off the line and made a run for 3rd but high centered on a crack in the track on the inside of turn 1 which made me lift and I could not hold onto it. Unfortunately, my tires felt like they took forever to come in so the first two laps were just not gripped up. I made a few errors because of this and the gap to the lead pack grew. I was then under pressure from the kart behind me for most of the race. I momentarily lost a position to her through turn one but kept my foot down and retook the position going into turn two which I kept until the finish.

Rewatching the video, I am seeing some things I am happy about with my driving (from lap three onward). One thing I was focusing on this race was to not drive defensive lines too early or unnecessarily. I think I did well to drop that habit. Additionally, I felt like I was more smooth through the corners and overdriving less.

Heat 2

The starting grid for Heat 2 is an inverse of qualifying results. So, I should have started P3. However, the driver on “pole” did not start. This mean that we all moved up one place and I started P2 on the outside. I had made a carb change as it was starting to heat up and my engine was idling really low. I leaned out the carb a bit via the main needle jet clip position. This seemed to hurt me off the line much like previous race weekends where I struggled off the line. By turn one, I was all the way in the back. However, my tires came in a bit quicker this time (slightly higher cold psi) and I was able to stay close to the driver ahead. We had a close fight most of the race until I was able to pass her on the second to last lap and hold onto it until the finish. I finished P4.


For the final, the grid is an average of your heat race finishes. I should have started P4 but a driver ahead of me did not start the race giving me P3. In the pits, I went to revert my previous carb adjustment and noticed the telltale signs of a blown head gasket…two black soot marks on the block right above the header. The engine had very little compression as finding TDC was hard. Not much I could do about it and the engine would start up okay so I sent it.

I got a better, but still bad start off the line losing a position. I was able to stay close to the driver ahead and managed to pull off a tricky pass after they made a mistake in the third to last corner. I held P3 for most of the next lap until the driver behind nailed me from the back while in the braking zone / entry of a corner. That nearly spun me out and sent me through the grass but I was able to keep it straight and rejoin the track. However, the driver behind spun herself out. After that, the gap to the leaders was huge and so was the gap behind me. I had a very lonely rest of the race essentially just hot lapping. I was pretty happy with my driving though! In the end, I finished P3 and my first podium!

The podium was cool, but it did not feel like I earned it because I definitely would have been 4th behind @Speedcat if he started the final race. Overall, it was a very tricky weekend and I felt happy with my driving all things considered. There is one more race left in the series but I am not sure if I will be able to make it. I need a new set of slicks and I need a new head which I’m not sure in in the karting budget this month. :person_shrugging:


A podium is a podium, you have to remember that you still had to go faster than others to get to that position. Great racing all day, I wish I could have stayed for the main, but I’m happy you were the one to capitalize and get on the podium. It was great to race with you and the rest of the 206 guys!

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Include a hard carriage return between title and YouTube link to get thumbnails in thread, also for some reason it put “video:” in front of the link, screwing it up. Fixed it for you. Congrats and will watch later.

Thanks Dom! I will say, despite quirkiness like this, I find this forum platform to be one of the best I’ve ever interacted with! Clean, modern, easy to navigate and the live preview of your post to the right of the text box is so helpful!

Thanks for the kind words Brennan! Yeah, it was good fun racing with you, Andy and Jeff! You guys are super quick! The times you guys were putting in were wild lol! I saw Andy was in the low 46s in the races which is crazy to me but I know him and Jeff were basically bump drafting the whole time. I’m just not sure where to find a whole second! I was on very old tires and had to deal with the impact of that a bit. For example, normally I can stay flat through turn 2 just fine but kept feeling the rear start to walk out on me last weekend requiring a short lift.

Rewatching my video, I do think I was giving up time in the left hander after the back straight. There was more grip there than I thought all weekend. Rewatching, I think I could have pushed the braking zone a bit more as well as carrying more entry speed through to the late apex. What I noticed was that I was getting back on the gas early, but what I would do that, it would set my inside rear down resulting in less grip at the apex. I wonder if it would have been better to have pushed the braking zone a bit deeper and carried slightly more entry speed to the apex while waiting to get back onto the gas slightly later?

Edit: well now I am not sure because I think this is a pretty tidy lap and I get onto the gas really early in that corner:

Curious why didn’t you start the final?