2023 Pat's Acres Super Series | Round 3 | Final - Robbed of the Win

Here is the final from the last Pat’s Acres Super Series league race. Got robbed of the win due to an incorrectly provisioned three position penalty given to me for causing a crash that I 100% did not cause. Had no idea that the race was contested or that there was a penalty until the podium ceremony when my name was not called for P1 in Open class… Such a bummer, but so it goes! I had a great race and worked from way back up to the front.

@Bimodal_Rocket I went into this evening with the goal of eliminating my constant look backs and feel that I did a great job at fixing that problem. Watching my Heat races and the Final, I cut my look backs down significantly! Thanks for the tips!

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Wooo! Train ride home entertainment. Sorry you got hosed, eh? I will attempt to provide feedback.


1: you should consider getting as close as possible to the guy ahead of you at start. Like, right on their bumper.

Good start. Good awareness re chaos avoidance t2.

@3:08 Jana has a moment where she loses traction on rear right side. Missed opportunity to finish her completely with a broadside salvo. @ 3:25 you pass her without a punt.

Nice over/under at 3:37. Easy mode.

A good amount of your competition seems to be having rear grip moments. Many opportunities to gap up. Like when you get right on the back of red/black helmet at 4:45. He literally falls off you and you don’t even have to try to pass, it just goes.

6:00 you handled this well. Yellow seems to be hesitant for some reason.

6:49 black helmet sends turn down on you but you don’t care.

7:00 you clear him and I think this was fine. Particularly since he turned down on you. Looks like everyone is trying to be reasonable, tho.

At around 8mins you come up on white tshirt guy, I too looked down the inside but I think you were correct to get back in line. You then ride his bumper nicely and he’s doomed. The lapper in the runout mangles the run, but nice work!

Ok, so, now we are catching a group of 3 that appear to be the leaders. I must go see a man about a train and will resume later.

Bummer the guy locked up and spun himself out near the end…

Hey, spoiler alert plz. :sunglasses:

Ok, so, ahem, yeah. Bad call on race directors part. Did the other guy claim you did le punt? Or did he just sit quietly there as you were penalized for something you didn’t do? You guys racing for money or something?

But, the outcome is irrelevant. I thought you drove very well indeed. Best yet, even.

Also you were “normal” with your head this time, so mission accomplished!

It was weird because after the race, I went up to the guy who locked up and told him how it was such a bummer that lapped traffic impacted the results of the race on the last lap. He seemed to agree and didnt really accuse me of any wrong doing. But then yeah, he also did not say anything when he ended up getting 2nd place and I got a three position penalty. Pretty lame but not much we could do considering we only found out during the podium ceremony.

Nah, not racing for cash, just hardware (trophies) and glory! I 100% get that it probably looked bad to the track marshals. I was mostly bothered by their excuse of “they didnt know what I looked like” after the race in order to get my perspective on what happened. They knew my kart number and my helmet is very obvious (dayglow yellow Bell) so they could have just asked the crowd of us drivers in the pits for the driver of X kart. But, in my heart, I know I had a mega race and won it fair and square so I don’t care too much. I just hope I don’t lose the overall championship by a narrow margin :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback on my driving! I feel like one of my strengths so far on the track is being able to quickly fix a problem I know I need to resolve. The looking back too often issue was something I told myself to fix, and I was happy to almost completely rectify that issue in one event.

That’s frustrating but like you said, your result is not indicative of the quality of the effort! I thought it was a really good race and that you drove well and smart.

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So it’s only a bummer if you get screwed.

TJ taught me about using the lappers to put a “pick” on the fella you are being chased by.

Basically, try to use them as a chicane to screw up the other guy behind you. Force them to position a block on the fella chasing you. Good times when it works your way. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Did I do something wrong posting this to the video thread? I noticed it got moved to its own thread and just want to make sure I am not messing up some forum rules.

Nope not at all. I just figured it was worthy of it’s own topic :wink:

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