2023 SKUSA Pro Tour Orlando | Official Thread

For the final week of #KCMarchMadness, it’s time for the second Pro National of the Regular Season.

Welcome to the SuperKarts! USA WinterNationals at Orlando Kart Center!

SKUSA has stepped up in a big way for 2023, making ALL of their national events fully free-to-view!

Saturday | Round 1: https://www.youtube.com/live/zcn0PqD4gzQ?feature=share

Sunday | Round 2: https://www.youtube.com/live/Cw_p6wpKzE4?feature=share

FULL Playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist…

Enter into the KC Fantasy League at the link below. Entries close on Saturday at 9AM EST!

📲 http://linktr.ee/kartchaser

KartPulse Notables:

  • ZCD vs Norberg rivalry has nitro fuel on it
  • Wick vs Carrara in Pro Shifter
  • Turney returns, along with International standouts Harley Keeble (GBR) and Jose Hernandez (MEX)
  • Italkart first national start of the season for Remo Ruscitti and Mario Gil in Pro Shifter after Top 10 results at SuperNats
  • Shifter has just about everyone: Musgrave // Formal // Myers // Kremers // Wick // Carrara / Ruscitti and more

Total entries somewhere around the 230 mark or so from what I can gather.

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I think entries are down because this is a LOT of Orlando Kart Center for the pro series guys and people may be a little tired of it.

I know ZCD vs. Norberg is a thing right now, but I think ZCD has something with most people in the field. :sweat_smile: Admittedly I was not stoked on the “defend-super-aggressively-on-the-limit-from-lap-one” driving I saw from him at Rok (also everyone else drove pretty… “aggressively” at Rok too), but he seems to drive like that every weekend regardless of what position it’s for. I can’t help but think if he were a little more cooperative out there, he might actually finish up front because he’s got the speed. But beefing for every position from lap one, whether it’s 1st or 25th doesn’t give you much credit with your competitors, and when it’s time for someone to give slack, they won’t do it. But hey, I’m just an armchair expert these days.

Shoutout to the CDD boys. I’ve painted almost all their helmets now… Remo keeps bugging me for another, maybe if he wins I will bump him up the list.

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