2023 USPKS Orlando | Official Thread

We are back! 4 Weeks straight of LIVE Coverage kicks off this week with Opening Weekend for the 2023 United States Pro Kart Series at Orlando Kart Center!

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Saturday | Heats 1-3: https://www.youtube.com/live/6ZVzKk0C_FE?feature=share

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United States Pro Kart Series | Orlando Kart Center


Oooh! I’ll be at OKC in April. Always fun seeing the pros battle on tracks we have been to.

Was it AJ who had that remarkable back to front recently but was DQ for tire? Was that him sort of protesting the tire batch and saying “fook it, I am speed!”?

Yessir. Wild weekend at Piquet for ROK FWT 2.

Pro Shifter is finally looking good as all the stars are coming out for the two regular season championships with USPKS and SKUSA Pro Tour. Got 15-16 this week with AJ, Marijn, Danny, and more all on the list.

X30 Senior has 41 too – but sadly no Garrison or Turney. Got a pretty stacked field otherwise.

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I’ve got the perfect idea for your first KZ Masters feature on Kart Chaser: “Beers and Gears”…just imagine the possibilities!

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Got some folks aging out for college, maybe. I asked Adakonis what’s up and he said his race schedule was small since he’s heading off to university.

Turney will be back for Pro Tour; he’s got some European conflicts that hit through the year and this is one of them. Garrison is on-site but race-to-race due to the SCR team budget.

And yeah, Adakonis looks to be IAME Grands only with maybe a few other surprise showings.

Now that’s a good tagline!! May have to pencil that in for STARS this season.


Get one of tjs favorite midwestern boutique beers as the sponsor!

My iRacing cars have the Leinenkugel’s logo on them.

I’m excited to see a good KZ field at USPKS, glad there will be some top guns showing up. X30 will be good as usual, interested to see how De Tulio does on the BirelART. I was thinking Morgatto would be a little more competitive with it but it seems both he and Ramos have been missing just the tiniest bit during the winter series, so curious how the material performs this weekend. And of course what can Deuk do in his return? He was a beast in his last couple full seasons.

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Funny enough, I work for a brewery now :wink:


Also shoutout to Tommy Andersen returning to the seat in Masters for the first time in years. Former national champion, Grand National winner etc etc. Also former long-term teammate of mine, my accountant, and one of my best buddies. He’s got his dad on the wrenches who is one of the best kart tuners I know. We call him The Oracle. T Andersen could be a dark horse after the rust gets knocked off.



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Norberg and De Tullio to the rear for coming in underweight in Qualifying.

Static grids for all 3 Heats today, so both will have to come from the rear 3 times over to try and salvage a decent starting position for the Main tomorrow.

In Shifter, I’d say it’s anyone’s guess as to which of the Big 3 take it home. Formal, Myers, and Kremers all look good.


What’s the general vibe on the format change among drivers in the paddock?

I like this format for national racing. Means no mistakes all weekend and ratchets up the tension a bit. Stressful for a driver but makes the cream rise to the top.


Wow. Playing it that close on weight? Crazy. Will make it fun as hell watching them come from the back today!

OKC’s scales have been inconsistent in the past. Last year we had a few people caught out in X30 Masters during qualifying, as the scales seemed to fluctuate by 5+ lbs for no good reason.

Love the championship format! This is what the top tier series should be, not Groundhog Day weekends. Long time coming.


Haven’t watched the stream much until today, but is that Lemke on an OTK?

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Yes, his little outfit is all on OTK this year.

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Gotcha, he was on the Merlin for so long it surprised me when I saw the OTK bodywork. Everyone changes eventually though it seems.