2024 Indycar - Season Discussion

Seems pretty standard, no?

The stuff I know goes on, or has gone on, in karts, this Penske stuff barely touches the sides.

…….:eyes: go on (protect the victims with anonymity)

I listened to the Hinch and Rossi podcast about this situation, and they both said that Newgarden has bragged for years about how he always hits the overtake button at random times just to see if it “accidentally turns on”. Now i help but wonder if that was a coincidence, or was that setting up plausible deniability for when it does “accidentally” come on.


Peacock is so frustrating when you get started late. Skipping commercials is nice, but at some point when the live broadcast ends, it kicks you out. Then you get to wait 10 minutes or so until the new replay feed is available - what I’m waiting for now. Sigh…

Lots of elbows out today - good thing the chassis are so tough. An F1 car would be throwing CF everywhere on this contact.


19th to 3rd was certainly impressive for Linus.

Really fun race! Lots of aggressive racing and changing strategies. Was fun to see the 3-stoppers pushing flat-out all race and what a result for Lundqvist.

Pato had a shocker. He’s so fast but still makes so many silly mistakes. The spin behind Lundgaard was a rookie error. Then wrecking Fittipaldi and multiple silly contacts through the race and the icing on the cake was punting his rookie teammate out of the race on the last lap battling outside the top 10.

Santino hit basically every car he passed but he had a hell of a drive.

Wild to see Dixon fall back to earth after last week too with an uncharacteristic mistake just like Pato made. Never found his footing after that off.

With all the drama off track too, it’s nuts to see Herta leading the championship.

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Definitely disappointing performance from Pato. It seemed like that spin early in the race really put him in a shitty mindset of trying desperately to make up ground.

Really big bummer. David is such a nice kid. Hope he heals up and lands on his feet.

No replacement found? Is that a budget thing?

/nevermind… reading comprehension issue in my end.

Will be interesting to see who they pick. Personally I like Illott as I think he is a proper talent who hasn’t gotten a good chance yet.

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I was watching my recording of the Indycar GP at Indianapolis this morning. Jasper decided the race was of some interest. I thought so too.

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Is that one orange brain cell is enough to process the majesty of oval cat racing? Or is he a motoGp sort of fellow?

Nice to see cars out finally today. Lack of practice could make this very interesting.

Here are the three helmets I did for my drivers in the event. Two for Daly and one for Kirkwood. Conor has been wanting to do a graffiti one for a while and the other is Indiana sports team themed.


More glamour shots.


That Bottom Kyle Kirkwood helmet is, in a word, Fabulous!

It’s like the fancy dress party night out chapeau for Rebel Scum racers. Colors are perfect for me. Any chance he’s done with it? :laughing:

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I think the brain cell has passed him by. It might come around again… or not. He seems to be a road racing kind of orange for the moment.

That’s cool that Conor Daly always pays his respects to Justin Wilson & Dan Wheldon on his helmets. :+1:


I like the Indiana State logo on Conor’s helmet! Awesome work TJ!

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Indy claimed its first car of 2024 just now. Lundqvist snaps into the wall off turn 2.

That was a pretty good hit.