206 chain guards

Looking for input. Does anyone run a chain guard in 206? I have the clutch guard but as far as chain guard it seems almost impossible to run one with the inboard design and the RLV pipe. Plus on mine I have a seat stay to deal with too.

A friend told me to run this:

Or one of these:

I need to do this too.

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Yup I never run my 206 without one. Used to throw chains and never again after I put one on. Need to a find a better picture but I’m pretty sure we have the same sprocket guard.

Maybe I am using the wrong terminology. I am referring to a cover that keeps the chain from flinging grease. On my KA100 we use something like this:

KG Quick Release Plastic Chain Guard Kit

In the past, I have used a simple plastic strip too.

I’ll get a pic when I get a chance, our club requires chain guards, most guys use a 1.5" wide plastic strip.



You thinking of this?


Yes, and I would expect to be required to run one.
I ran the bearing cassette without the bearing just for mounting a basic plastic strip syle guard

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Yup! Thats the one we use.

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