206 Enduro at Pitt Race - Oct 28

Hope this is copacetic to post here… Pitt Race is hosting a 206 Enduro on Saturday October 28th. There will be a 4 Hour Enduro for 2-4 driver teams in both Senior and Masters classes as well as a solo driver 1 Hour Enduro for Junior 206.

More I nfo below:

I am not affiliated with Pitt Race directly but am helping them out with rules and procedures as this is their first edition of the 206 event after years of hosting their annual Rental Kart Enduro. The rental enduro is on Sunday the 29th so you could make a doubleheader out of it even!

Let me know if you have any questions.

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I’m interested in the rental enduro, never been to Pitt! Looks awesome.

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PittRace is pretty sweet. I’d be interested to see how a rental kart Enduro works out. I was there in August and they have a significant gap between some of the rentals. Like close to 3 seconds a lap.

I’ll tell ya how it’s gonna work out…

“Man that was a fun race but our second kart sucked! We woulda won had we a decent kart…” etc etc etc

Here ya go Dom!

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Thanks! I’m headed to AMP 6hr following weekend so perhaps I’ll do this for 2024 if I can find a pal or 2 for some light Rebel Scumbaggery. It seems like a pretty low-key 90min race. I guess it teams of 3.

We do have hot showers and changing rooms if needed throughout the day or afterwards.

We’ll just hand me the foie-gras and Sauternes, then. I’ll bring my manservant for this high-class event.

Pretty high brow around these parts - this isn’t your average kart track. :smiley:

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Pitt is a great facility and fun track layout.

However, it is the place that initially destroyed my ribs. That was pre-repave though.

This space reserved. I am inspired.

It’s definitely a kinder, gentler track than the original. More runoff, better curbing, better paving. It softened some of the rawness, or lack of forgiveness, that the original layout offered. Grip on the rhino-liner now though is a different twist to deal with.

Clay will be there to race in Junior! He’s excited to have another race to run this season.


If anyone would like to run but either doesn’t have a full team or would like to find a team, I have a database going and I’m playing Kart Tinder. :smiley: