206 Engine Storage Crate / Box Options

Has anyone found any tried and true storage crates for the 206? Something more than the carboard box that it comes from the factory with. Note - this would be with the exhaust off.

I have a wall mounted engine stand that someone gave me trackside one day. Been using it ever since if I store a motor.

Looks like this one (might be the same one). I assume your talking about cold weather storage? My rule of thumb, if its cold outside, they’re cold outside, so bring them indoors, lol.

I don’t want to mount them on the wall of the trailer. It’s more like a solution for storage spare motors in the trailer on race weekends. When I raced 2 stroke stuff we had really nice foam lined metal cases for he KA100. Something like that is what I am looking for. I know I can make something. I was just more curious if someone has already figured this out versus recreating the wheel.


I can’t find it now but I believe Comet used to have a “Engine Shipping Crate” listed on their site. The link seems dead now but might be worth contacting them about. I remember it being a sturdy plastic crate which you can mount an engine to.

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Check Ebay for surpluss Pelican cases. There are a couple sellers that pop up with really good deals on all different sizes. I got one on wheels that would fit 2 engines and parts for $150; bet it was an $800 case new.

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Would you store these with oil or without? I think I read somewhere that the oils helps keep down corrosion, but I have to assume even after draining the motor, everything is still caked in a layer of oil.

It seems to me on a splasher the oil is just going to sit in the bottom of the block - probably below the rod journal - and do nothing for you?